Randolph Region Re-Energized Climate Economy Initiative Report – 2020

Randolph participated in VCRD’s Climate Economy Model Community Program (CEMCP) in 2018. CEMCP is community-driven process with local leaders, VCRD, Green Mountain Power, and Efficiency Vermont to cultivate economic development, innovation, and affordability in the face of climate change. Over 300 Randolph residents participated in the “R3 – Randolph Region Re-Energized” process with support from…

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Vermont town wrestles the cycle of revisiting the same challenges

By Kevin O’Connor as seen in vtdigger.org: https://vtdigger.org/2020/01/09/vermont-town-wrestles-the-cycle-of-revisiting-the-same-challenges-%EF%BB%BF/ ROCKINGHAM — More than 100 residents buzzed as they worked to whittle down two-dozen possibilities into three plans for action: Should the town improve internet and cellphone service? Recruit new residents? Expand an alphabet of opportunities, starting with arts, bike lanes and child care? A local who recalled…

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