The Climate Economy Initiative is designed to help communities and leaders build and implement priority actions that increase economic vitality and affordability in a time of climate change. The ultimate goal is to help model change by implementing energy efficiency, transportation system transformation, renewable energy generation, working lands development, and entrepreneurship and business incubation to spur economic progress. To stay up to date on Climate Economy Initiative programming and opportunities, join the VCRD mailing list.


The current programs include:

Randolph Model Communities

Resilient Communities

Supporting three to five communities per year working on local climate solutions through a community engagement process for strategic planning and/or project implementation.

Climate Catalysts 2022

Climate Catalysts Leadership Program

A cohort of local leaders for a year-long process focused on building peer connections, strengthening leadership skills, and providing project development support for project implementation.

Rich Earth Institute

Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund

Annual grants for municipalities, schools, non-profits, or businesses ranging from $500-$4,000 to support local innovators throughout Vermont to develop solutions that move communities closer to their climate and energy goals.

Climate Economy Stories

Climate Economy Reports

Climate Economy News