VCRD listens carefully to issues and opportunities identified by individuals and communities across Vermont, and convenes leaders, experts, policymakers, and funders to help advance solutions to pressing challenges in the state. Researching, developing, and advancing policies that support Vermont’s quality of life while promoting economic opportunity is a central part of the Council’s work. Through the years, VCRD has played an important role in defining and developing policy that impact rural life. Respected for its neutrality, fairness, and ability to facilitate productive discussions among disparate parties, VCRD utilizes a strong network of thoughtful and effective leaders to analyze and make crucial recommendations on Vermont policy.


Current Policy Efforts:

Working Lands Coalition

VCRD convenes the Coalition as the crucial promoter of investment in farm and forest working lands enterprises.

Future of Vermont Action Team

The VCRD convened Action Team guides strategy efforts toward further defining and implementing key elements of the Vermont Proposition.

WCC Policy Workgroup

VCRD is supporting the Working Communities Challenge (WCC) Policy Workgroup as it identifies and develops policy recommendations around locally-driven systems change solutions.

Policy Stories

Policy Reports

Policy News