The Vermont Forest Products Council (VFPC) was convened in 2001 with 11 members representing state government, natural resource agencies, and wood manufacturers.

VCRD established the VFPC for two reasons:

  1. First, because VCRD is dedicated to the conservation of the open working landscape in Vermont, it sought a direct and significant way to advance the economy that had underpinned and successfully perpetuated the forest landscape. The economy, of the primary (foresters, loggers, and mills) and secondary (value-added craftsmen and manufacturers) forest products industry was in serious trouble due to international competition.
  2. Secondly, in 2001, Governor Howard Dean’s Development Cabinet called for a study of how to promote and advance the value-added forest products industry as one cornerstone of the prosperity of Vermont’s rural communities.

VCRD chose to build a policy council, and ultimately a set of working strategies to advance the secondary value-added industry, knowing that the complexity of issues and policy challenges on the primary side could derail a start-up effort, and recognizing that success on the secondary side would benefit the primary industry and potentially situate VCRD to convene leadership around issues in that area at a later date.

The council spent two years studying the value-added wood products industry in Vermont. A guiding premise to the Council’s work was the understanding that Vermont’s working landscape of fields, farms, and forests is an integral part of both the state’s identity and its long-term economic security.

VREC built a set of clear strategies designed to advance the industry through their collective action and as a platform to draw together state, federal and other resources. See the list of strategies and recommendations in the final report (link below).

Forest Products Council Members

  • Susan Bartlett, State Senator from Lamoille County
  • Tim Copeland, Copeland Furniture
  • Bill Johnson, State Representative from Canaan
  • Mark Lorenzo, National Wildlife Federation / Northeast Natural Resource Center
  • Conrad Motyka, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation
  • Mary Jeanne Packer, Vermont Wood Manufacturers Association
  • Jeff Parsons, Beeken/Parsons, Inc.
  • Albert Perry, State Representative from Richford
  • Charles Shackleton, Charles Shackleton Furniture
  • Richard Smith, Vermont Department of Economic Development
  • Jonathan Wood, Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation
  • Brenda Hauhauer, Forest Products Council
  • Julie Wolcott, Franklin County Farmer
  • Alex Wylie, Vermont Land Trust
  • Associate Members:
  • Ron and Roger Allbee, Allbee & Associates
  • Cynthia Tokos, Project Coordinator