Jay & Westfield e-Vermont

Jay and Westfield Share Resources to Build Digital Communities

Jay and Westfield, located in the state’s “Northeast Kingdom” near the Canadian border, share common north/south town borders, and depend heavily on natural resources such as farms, forests and mountains for economic development. Cooperative relationships among the towns’ residents, municipal offices and community organizations can account for the growing success of a community-based digital literacy…

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Fairfield e-Vermont

Students Teaching Parents

(Dover, VT) Fourth, fifth and sixth-grade students at Dover Elementary got more than just a taste of technology this year with the help of Digital Wish and e-Vermont. Heading into this program, Digital Wish had high hopes that they would not only affect the more than 1,200 students they outfitted with Dell netbooks but that…

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Bridgewater Village e-Vermont

Students Taking Charge in the Classroom

(Bridgewater Village, VT) With the Digital Wish training wrapping up, teachers at Bridgewater Village Elementary School reminisced on their experiences this past year. Mercy Grinold, the third and fourth grade teacher, was impressed by the students taking initiative, learning at a fast pace, and even teaching the teacher at times! She commented about the benefit…

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Calais e-Vermont

New Opportunities with Technology Bolstered by Committed Instructional Support

(Calais, VT) When a school receives new technology, it can be an exciting opportunity to expand learning and help guide students in an increasingly connected 21st century world. Students at Calais Elementary have been able to do just that, by getting more personalized experiences when working on computer-based projects. The e-Vermont initiative, and its educational…

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