Jay e-Vermont

Students Get Creative With Building on Ideas

(Jay, VT) Recently, students at Jay/Westfield Elementary have been able to flex their creative muscles with new technology in both artistic and utilitarian ways. Whether it is with informational brochures on career paths with Microsoft Publisher, stop-motion animation videos edited together with their Dell netbook webcam and Windows MovieMaker, or even conceiving something as simple…

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Addison e-Vermont

Technology Ties into the Curriculum

(Addison, VT) Teachers at Addison Elementary School are using the tools Digital Wish provided them this past year to further enrich their curriculum. Students in grades 4-6 have been studying Newton’s Laws in the classroom, but were searching for a project to share that would really emphasize what they’d learned. Teachers took their newfound knowledge…

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Middletown Springs e-Vermont

After-school Program Expansion

(Middletown Springs, VT) While e-Vermont and Digital Wish classroom training are winding down, the Kodu Game Lab after-school program is now in full swing at Middletown Springs Elementary (MSES). Thanks to a matching grant from Microsoft, Digital Wish has been able to give thousands of dollars worth of software to e-Vermont schools participating in the…

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