Working Lands Enterprises are Growing Throughout the State

The Working Lands Enterprise Board received a total of 387 applications for the three investment areas, for a total requested amount of $11,569,397. Some examples of requests include processing equipment, facility upgrades and expansions, marketing assistance, product development, technical assistance and start-ups. The maps below show the breakdown by investment category, as well as type…

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Working Lands Coalition Calls for “5-by-3” Investment: Five million per year for three years will build a strong working lands economy

Members of the Working Lands Coalition launched their “5-by-3” campaign on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at the Vermont State House. The day included an early morning presentation to the Rural Economic Development Working Group (REDWG), testimony in front of the House and Senate Agriculture Committees, and a press conference in the Cedar Creek Room. The…

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