Matthew Lefluer

Vermont Leaders Share Wisdom

Leaders across Vermont play an instrumental role every day in shaping the future of our State and our communities. Here at the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD), we are constantly inspired by the dedicated local leaders across the state and their tremendous levels of commitment, strength, and ability to make such huge impacts in…

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Royalton Garden

Royalton, Sharon, Strafford & Tunbridge Make Moves

Whether it is affordable housing, community development, conservation and recreation, or food resilience, the 4-Town Coalition consists of movers and shakers making things happen in Royalton, Sharon, Strafford, and Tunbridge. The 4-Town Coalition is a grassroots and volunteer initiative that came to life originally in response to an out-of-state developer who planned to build the…

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Building Efficient, Resilient Housing Building Efficient, Resilient Housing

Building Efficient, Resilient Housing

Home heating is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont, with the average Vermonter spending nearly $2,000 to heat stay warm. Based in Bristol, VT, Smith & McClain is a general contractor specializing in residential construction, solar power systems, electrical services, and energy efficiency. Their goal is to provide customers with the…

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VCRD Innovator Stories

Studio Hill Farm – Agriculture for the Future

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that roughly 30% of global emissions leading to climate change can be attributed to agricultural activities, including pesticide use. One of the most effective tools for stopping the present increase in atmospheric CO2 is to build soil carbon through regenerative farming, grazing and land-use practices with a focus on soil health. Studio Hill Farm,…

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