A way for towns to engage and bring together their residents, set common goals and directions in a neutral and facilitated structure, and access resources that will help them take action on those goals.

Pownal Community Visit Report – 2006

Through the Community Visit Process, Pownal established a Housing Task Force that built a mobile home tenants association and planned for an affordable housing project. It also developed community gardens and activities and built a tourism map and a communications campaign to tell the good story of the town’s success. Read the Report and Action…

Johnson Community Visit Report – 2004

Through the Community Visit process, Johnson leveraged significant federal funds to replace three bridges, build a water system, and implement a redesign of its downtown. It also built a community calendar and instituted a Winter Carnival and a summer concert series to unite and market the community. Read the Report and Action Plan.

Enosburg Community Visit Report – 2003

Through the Community Visit process, Enosburg instituted a community‐wide literacy campaign and mentorship program, set up a Restorative Justice Board, created a new recreation park, built a town web page, and unified the town/village public works, financing, planning/zoning, and offices. Read the Report and Action Plan.