Planning for Vermont's Future 2004 Summit Report

The Structure of Planning – 2004

On August 11, 2004, we held a Summit on Planning designed to evaluate the challenges before the planning system in Vermont and to propose potential solutions. This Summit report documents the analysis and recommendations of 180 attendees representing members of the public, leaders in the Douglas Administration, Vermont planners, and customers of the planning system.…

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Johnson Community Visit Report – 2004

Through the Community Visit process, Johnson leveraged significant federal funds to replace three bridges, build a water system, and implement a redesign of its downtown. It also built a community calendar and instituted a Winter Carnival and a summer concert series to unite and market the community. Read the Report and Action Plan.

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Enosburg Community Visit Report – 2003

Through the Community Visit process, Enosburg instituted a community‐wide literacy campaign and mentorship program, set up a Restorative Justice Board, created a new recreation park, built a town web page, and unified the town/village public works, financing, planning/zoning, and offices. Read the Report and Action Plan.

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