VCRD strives to create a centrist dialogue that frames solutions to build Vermont’s prosperity and that grow and attract entrepreneurs who confront rather than just adapt to climate change. The Vermont Climate Change Economy Council (VCCEC), composed of leaders in business, economic development, the environmental movement and scientific community, will serve as a non-partisan center point for the development of a pro-active public policy around this central issue (VCCEC Charge). Members of the Council include:

Kathy Beyer, Housing Vermont
Peter Bourne, Bourne Energy Products
Kristen Carlson, Green Mountain Power
Andi Colnes, Energy Action Network
Cairn Cross, Fresh Tracks Capital
Mike Donohue, Outdoor Gear Exchange
Jon Erickson, Rubenstein School, UVM
Joe Fusco, Casella Waste Systems
Karen Glitman, VEIC Transportation Efficiencies
Claire Humber, S.E. Group
Scott Johnstone, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Ellen Kahler, VT Sustainable Jobs Fund
Tom Kavet, Kavet & Rockler Associates
Lucy Leriche, Deputy Secretary of Commerce
Neale Lunderville, Burlington Electric
David Marvin, Butternut Mountain Farm
Linda McGinnis, Independent Consultant
Rob Miller, VT State Employees Credit Union
Sue Minter, Secretary of Transportation
Michael Nobles, Union Mutual of VT
Wm Sessions, Federal District Judge, Chair
Brian Shupe, VNRC
Nathaniel Vandal, Green Peak Solar

Produced by the Vermont Council on Rural Development:
Paul Costello, Executive Director
Jenna Whitson, Senior Associate
Margaret Gibson McCoy, Office and Communications Manager