In order to help towns develop in a digitally-based world, and to promote economic resiliency and flood recovery, the Digital Economy Project implemented Wi-Fi zones as well as individual hotspots in towns across the state. These zones cover downtown areas in towns, and allow free internet access to any townsperson passing through, or any tourist wanting more information. The hotspots allow internet access at specific locations such as community centers.

The Digital Economy Project will sponsored all of the equipment and installation time for the zone, and worked with members of the community to find a financial sponsor for the ongoing cost of the internet connection (which usually ranges from $80 to $100 a month.) The town is also be responsible for maintaining the zone, now that the zone is implemented. One designated member of each town uses the cloud-based software included with the equipment to monitor the zone.


Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in Vermont

Visit this link, for a map to the public buildings in Vermont where Wi-Fi with access to the internet is publicly available (maintained by the Vermont Department of Public Service).

Towns Who Received Zones through the
Vermont Digital Economy Project:

Towns Who Received Hotspots through the
Vermont Digital Economy Project:

Towns Who Received Zones through e-Vermont:

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