Over 500 entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders attended the cc:econ Catalysts of the Climate Economy Summit – a 3-day national innovation summit in Burlington, Vermont to gear up for the next stage of economic development and prosperity in a low-carbon future and accelerate progress toward the significant economic opportunities associated with solving the unprecedented challenges presented by climate change.

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Summit features included:

  • speeches, roundtables, and discussion groups with industry leaders from around the country in clean energy, green building, agriculture, transportation, tech innovation, efficiency improvement, smart growth, and more. [Speakers included Jigar Shah, Co-Founder of Generate Capital; Danny Kennedy, Managing Director of the California Clean Energy Fund; Mary Powell, CEO of Green Mountain Power; Gary Hirschberg, Chairman and Former CEO of Stonyfield Farm; John Replogle, President and CEO of Seventh Generation; Dan Reicher, Executive Director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University; and many more.
  • an innovation and pitch contest for entrepreneurs from around the country to exhibit their ideas for a better future. Pitch contest finalists had the opportunity to present their work to an audience of investors and summit participants, and the winner received a cash prize.
  • a series of guided “innovation tours” around Vermont showing the climate economy in action. Tours showcased businesses, farms, utilities, policy, initiatives, and communities as models of energy production, efficiency, and economic development – each in a particular area of interest, including Green Building and Design, Distributed Generation and the Rural Grid, and other themes central to the summit agenda.