Vermonters are creating answers to climate change that will be foundations for the economic renewal of the state. The Climate Economy is the economy of the future, informed by Vermont’s history of independence, frugality, resiliency, and innovation. Our current Climate Economy programs and strategies include:

Climate Economy Resilient Communities

Technical assistance and support to communities working on local climate action solutions in identifying priorities and implementing initiatives that move Vermont towards climate, energy, and economic goals by offering targeted facilitation, strategic planning, and project support.

Climate Catalysts Leadership Program

A cohort of local leaders from Vermont communities participate in a year-long process focused on building peer connections, strengthening leadership skills and providing project development support.

Climate Catalysts Innovation Fund

Small grants to support local innovators developing solutions that move Vermont closer to its climate and energy goals.



DeltaClimeVTa program of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

A business accelerator providing startup support, business planning, mentorship, and access to capital for climate economy businesses who are interested in establishing a business in Vermont.