New round of applications are now open and available:



The Vermont Council on Rural Development, in collaboration with local funders invites applications for small grants to support local innovators developing solutions that move Vermont closer to its climate and energy goals. The fund is initially capitalized with at least $20,000 and will be administered by VCRD. The objective of the fund is to support innovative local projects for which a small grant could have a meaningful impact.

Grants: Awards ranging from $500-$4,000. Funds can be awarded to a municipality, school, non-profit organization or business. VCRD is also open to working with potential grantees that lack the organizational infrastructure to accept funds directly. Depending on the applicant pool and size of the eventual awards, a second round may be initiated later in the fall.

Criteria for soliciting and selecting projects include:

  • Innovative: What is unique about this project?
  • Replicable: Can the project serve as a model for others? What path exists for this to be more than a one-off?
  • Collaborative: What partners are involved and what is the depth of their engagement?
  • Equitable: How does this project address the needs of historically marginalized Vermonters?
  • Climate/Energy Goals: When completed, will this project reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, reduce total energy use, and/or increase renewable energy consumption in Vermont? Can that impact be measured?
  • Leverage: Would this grant unlock other funds or support?

Deadline to apply is midnight on September 18th, 2022.

More Information: Anyone with questions about this grant and how to apply should contact Laura Cavin Bailey at [email protected] or 802-223-6091.