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Current Programs

Vermonters are creating answers to climate change that will be foundations for the economic renewal of the state. The Climate Economy is the economy of the future, informed by Vermont’s history of independence, frugality, resiliency, and innovation. Our current Climate Economy programs and strategies include:

Climate Economy Model Communities Program

Bringing communities together to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses, expand local energy generation, support transportation transformation, and identify community-led priority projects to drive the economy forward while reducing emissions.

Climate Catalysts Leadership Program

The Climate Catalysts Program will bring together 10 local leaders from Vermont communities for a year-long process focused on building peer connections, strengthening leadership skills and providing project development support.

Climate Economy Action Team

A team of business and policy leaders advancing initiatives to expand distributed energy generation and efficiency in Vermont, cultivate climate economy entrepreneurs and startup businesses, and reduce Vermont’s carbon impact while boosting economic development, creating jobs, and attracting youth and creative entrepreneurs to the state.

Climate Economy Partnership

A non-partisan and broad-based partnership of individuals and organizations united to advance Vermont as a national center for innovation, entrepreneurship, and business development in the climate economy. Join the Climate Economy Partnership to add your voice, keep informed, and promote innovation and creative climate economy development in Vermont.

Vermont Climate Economy Business Network - a program of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Bringing entrepreneurs together to share ideas, get guidance from technical and financial experts, interact with market leaders and potential customers, explore joint efforts, and generally shape a common agenda for a growing economy that addresses the realities of climate change here in Vermont.

DeltaClimeVT - a program of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

A business accelerator providing startup support, business planning, mentorship, and access to capital for climate economy businesses who are interested in establishing a business in Vermont.