e-Vermont initiatives in Dover were spearheaded by the Dover Economic Development Specialist Office, Dover town government, Dover Elementary School, Dover Free Library and other organizations. In just over a year, this team succeeded in bringing the following accomplishments to Dover:

  • Thirty-five netbook packages – along with weekly training for students and teachers – to ensure that every student in grades 4, 5 and 6 receives a 21st century education;
  • Three workshops for residents on the topics of Social Media and Communication, Learning to Go, and Internet Safety conducted by the Vermont State Colleges at Dover Free Library;
  • One workshop for business owners and entrepreneurs on the topic of Social Media Marketing and Google Tools for Small Business’ conducted by the Vermont Small Business Development Center at Dover Free Library;
  • Creation of a public access Wi-Fi zone along route 100 including 4 Anaptyx OD2-N MIMO access points, site survey, installation, Anaptyx AWD Cloud Controller and Haystack Digital / e-Vermont portal template;
  • Read about many other accomplishments in the Dover Re-Cap (pdf).

For more information about ongoing efforts in Dover, contact:

Ken Black
Dover e-Vermont Steering Committee
[email protected]

e-Vermont Stories from Dover