5th Grader with MomThrough e-Vermont, students at Dover elementary are getting more than just a taste of technology – they’re becoming tech experts. Just ask Stefanie Nick, mother of Isabella Nick, a 5th grader taking part in Digital Wish’s 1:1 Computing School Modernization Initiative at Dover Elementary School.

“I work for a women’s scarf company and everything is manufactured over in China. The designs are done with designers here and in China, and then we import the finished scarves. We have come up with a web album that is sent out to all of our sales people and also to some of our stores. I have the hardest time with the web album,” explained Stefanie.

“My daughter came in to work one day saying she was putting together a presentation for school and she was doing it in Picasa. She was so excited to tell all of us about it. We just looked at her and our mouths dropped open because none of us can figure out what we’re actually doing on Picasa and it’s frustrating. ‘Isabella,’ we said, ‘you’re going to have to teach us!’ She put together a whole slide presentation for us and we were pretty impressed. It’s so important because pictures say it all.”

Isabella has been bringing her computer home for a couple weeks now. Stefanie has noticed a completely new level of excitement in her daughter.

“I think it’s great that she can actually show us what she’s learning and what she’s doing – it’s wonderful. The world is at her fingertips and she can get all of that information together and be able to use it in an efficient manner. I work a lot with people in China and all over the world but I never had that opportunity to really share that information and now it’s just so fast. And she’s going to be used to it! It’s there, that’s what it is. I love that excitement she brings home telling us about it.”

Technology is here to stay and learning about it at an early age can really help a child prepare for the future.

“I don’t see a world without it and it’s so important – especially in a rural area like Dover – that every child gets the same opportunities that other people have. I see it going forward and can’t imagine what her life will be. To not be afraid and just be able to use technology as second nature is just essential.”

Photo Caption: Stefanie Nick and her daughter Isabella.