Through a competitive application process, eight Vermont teams were awarded implementation funding from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and are receiving ongoing technical assistance and project implementation support from VCRD including:

Greater Barre: Lower the rate of single female head of households in poverty by 15% in 10 years.
[Backbone: Green Mtn United Way]

Lamoille: Build sustainable systems of collaboration to reduce systemic barriers to employment. [Backbone: United Way of Lamoille County]

Springfield Area: Increase workforce participation in the Springfield region by creating a sustainable, collaborative workforce development pipeline to focus on recruitment and retention. [Backbone: Springfield RDC]

Winooski: Ensure that the people making community decisions accurately reflect the demographics of our community by bringing new voices to the table throughout decision-making. [Backbone: City of Winooski]

Northwest VT: Attract and retain talent by addressing regional housing challenges. [Backbone: Northwest RPC]

Northeast Kingdom: Reduce intergenerational poverty through hubs of financial stability. [Backbone: NEK Collaborative]

Southern Vermont: Attract and retain a new workforce through building a diverse, welcoming community. [Backbone: Brattleboro Development Credit Corp]

White River Valley: Attract and retain entrepreneurs and young workers through housing. [Backbone: Vital Communities]

Visit the FRBB website for a more in-depth look at each of the 8 teams.