Wheeled Hand Tool Systems, Inc. was founded in 1978 to create solutions that reduce human impact on the environment. Recognizing the significant emissions that small engines generate, developer Gerry Hawkes,  a 7th  generation Vermonter, patented a wheeled hand tool system that can lever, lift, and move a wide variety of rocks, logs, timbers, and more that would normally require motorized equipment. Since the system is rugged and versatile, it will adapt and remain in useful service for generations without need for repair or replacement, continue to reduce carbon  emissions, and save fuel costs over its entire lifetime.

Our goal is to provide people with solid, efficient tools that will reduce fossil fuel consumption and improve quality of life” says founder Gerry Hawkes. “By making Wheeled Hand Tool Systems innovative, attractive, and efficient, more people will see the advantages of what they can accomplish without using polluting forms of energy!”

To find out more about the company’s goals and the WHaTS, visit: www.wheeledhandtoolsystems.com.