(9/21/11) – The e-Vermont Community Broadband Project congratulates the West Rutland team for its completion of a successful year. Since being selected in spring 2010 as one of 12 inaugural e-Vermont communities, West Rutland has tapped cutting edge Internet tools to advance multiple local goals. West Rutland’s students are now better positioned for 21st century education and jobs, businesses are taking advantage of digital marketing, and individuals and civic groups are benefitting from greater community interaction.

Initiatives in West Rutland were spearheaded by Town Manager Mary Ann Goulette and a team from the West Rutland School, West Rutland Public Library, town government, and local businesses. Thanks to their efforts, the West Rutland School now has 53 netbooks (one for every 5th and 6th grader), its teachers have received cutting edge training, the town has moved land records online, and the library has new equipment to help the public access the Internet. In addition, the town will soon launch a public access Wi-Fi zone stretching from the laundromat on Marble Street past Town Hall and down Main Street where residents and visitors will be able to freely access the Internet from their laptops and handheld devices.

“With those three pieces – training, actual computers, and accessibility – I feel confident we were able to touch a lot of the community and will increase the Internet presence in town,” said Town Manager Mary Ann Goulette. “It was great because other towns thought of different ideas and we were able to use the same technology and not reinvent the wheel. Probably the wireless zone will be copied by many towns.”