VSECU is a not for profit, cooperative credit union that is committed to finding opportunities within both its operations and its business products to promote environmentally sound choices for its member-owners and its employees.

We’re proud to provide products and services that foster environmental prosperity and support our growing climate economy,” said Laurie Fielder, VGreen Program Director at VSECU. “We work to consistently provide creative solutions that make environmental sustainability and energy efficiency a more financially attainable option for all Vermonters – goals that are so important in our beautiful state.

To empower its members to improve home and business energy efficiency – and aid the state in achieving its renewable energy goals – VSECU has developed numerous discounted, low-interest loans for efficiency improvements and solar products designed to reduce or eliminate the upfront costs of these improvements. The credit union’s VGreen program includes low-cost loans for members who want to reduce heating costs, participate in community solar programs, make energy efficiency enhancements and solar installations to their homes and businesses, and purchase green vehicles and bicycles to reduce carbon emissions. By offering these products, VSECU is empowering more Vermonters to invest in energy efficiency throughout the state.

Learn more about VSECU and the services they provide at www.vsecu.com