Lighting accounts for nearly 5% of global CO2 emissions. With LED lighting achieving savings of 50-70%+ compared to older technologies, LEDdynamics is helping to combat climate change from Randolph, Vermont. LEDdynamics is a cutting-edge LED technology producer. Manufacturing Technology Insights recently recognized LEDdynamics as a Top 10 Electric Manufacturing Solutions Provider. The company conducts all its research, design and development at its solar-powered facility, which was built in 2019. The facility is complete with solar and electric car charging, meaning that the company builds LED lighting with a minimal carbon footprint. “The goals of lowering energy use and clean energy, not coming from fossil fuels, has always been a core company value,” said CTO and Founder Bill McGrath. In addition to the company’s focus on high efficiency lighting products, another area of focus is on tunable white lighting, which adjust the color temperature of white light. When it’s set up to match the changing of the sun’s light throughout the day, it can deliver a multitude of benefits to human health by helping to restore circadian rhythm.

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