Vermod is a Wilder-based company that designs and builds affordable net-zero energy ready modular homes to meet the highest standards of durability, energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality.

After Tropical Storm Irene devastated homes across the state, it became clear that mobile home residents were disproportionately affected by extreme weather. Following the storm, Vermod was born out of a partnership between founder Steve Davis, Efficiency Vermont, VHCB and the High Meadows Fund. Since 2013 Vermod has built and located more than 75 zero-energy homes across Vermont and employs 20 Upper-Valley residents.

By partnering with Efficiency Vermont’ Zero Energy Modular (ZEM) Program, Vermod continues to provide affordable housing for low-and moderate-income Vermonters with a special focus on replacing mobile/manufactured homes with ZEM.

“We are proud of our partnership with entities like Efficiency Vermont and VHCB and of the homes that we have worked to develop over the years,” said Kristen Connors of Vermod. “Many mobile home residents in Vermont are faced with high energy costs and uncomfortable living conditions. We are happy to help reduce dependence on fossil fuels while keeping Vermonters warm and comfortable throughout the year.”

Vermod utilizes solar, state of the art insulation, cold-climate heat pumps, and efficient fixtures and appliances to eliminate energy costs for residents.

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