VBike is a nonprofit organization dedicated to shifting the bike culture in Vermont towards a more inclusive, fun, and transportation-oriented future. By promoting exciting innovations like electric-assist technology and cargo bikes, VBike is working to make bicycles more relevant for Vermonters while encouraging healthy bodies, vibrant communities and a sustainable vision for our planet. It is also committed to making these options financially viable to as many Vermonters as possible.

Founder and psychotherapist Dave Cohen brought over 20 years of experience in this field with him when he moved from California to Brattleboro in 2007. After developing a series of presentations investigating how our choice of mobility effectively shapes the way we view the world around us, he formed VBike in 2014. Through a state contract with Go Vermont, VBike is assisting Vermonters in adopting the new generation bikes and technologies. It is also partnering with VSECU to initiate low-interest loans for cargo bikes, e-assist options and other transportation-related bike purchases.

VBike is now developing its Take it Home project. This features a robust fleet of e-cargo bikes and other vehicles that will be available in the spring for families and households to borrow and try on for their daily rounds and errands. The organization hopes to expand the fleet soon to include bikes for seniors, commuters and businesses.

“To my knowledge,” Cohen says, “this is the first project of its kind in the US to incorporate bike consultations, low interest loans, and a demonstration fleet. We’re so excited about the potential reach of these programs.”

“Our message is simple,” he continues. “Change the bike and the infrastructure will follow!”