Since 2017, VCRD has convened the Climate Economy Action Team (CEAT), a group of business and non-profit leaders dedicated to advancing distributed clean energy generation, energy efficiency, and climate solutions entrepreneurship. We are working together to help start new Vermont businesses, expand innovation and the profitability of existing businesses, and reduce Vermont’s carbon impact while creating jobs, attracting youth, and situating the state for future economic success. Members of the team represent the over 460 members of the Vermont Climate Economy Partnership.

In the last legislative session, CEAT successful advanced an independent review of carbon pricing or trading structures for Vermont, an expansion of built-environment solar, greater investment in weatherization, and incentives to expand electric vehicles sales.

Today, in the face of challenging climate news, CEAT is working to build unity around a new view of economic progress that answers climate challenges. CEAT will be evaluating key policies this fall including the Transportation Climate Initiative, a transportation fuels cap and invest project initiated by Governor Scott and other regional governors, the potential for expanding all-fuels efficiency efforts in VT (to go beyond the current mandates to Efficiency Vermont that would include beneficial conversions from heating fuels to cleaner and more efficient electric systems) and other ways to stimulate faster progress in emissions reductions.

CEAT has a deep sense of urgency today and invites your involvement. Please Join the Vermont Climate Economy Partnership to help lead these efforts to success!