On August 11, 2004, we held a Summit on Planning designed to evaluate the challenges before the planning system in Vermont and to propose potential solutions. This Summit report documents the analysis and recommendations of 180 attendees representing members of the public, leaders in the Douglas Administration, Vermont planners, and customers of the planning system. Participants built recommendations toward addressing these challenges in these categories:

  1. The Planning Structure in Statute
  2. Vermont Goals and Vision for the Planning System
  3. Not in My Backyard! Public Engagement and Commitment to Plans
  4. Municipal Planning
  5. Regional Planning
  6. State Cross Agency Planning
  7. State, Regional, and Municipal Development and Infrastructure Planning
  8. The Implementation of Plans

Their transcribed testimony brainstormed solutions, and priority recommendations make up the bulk of this report and will serve as starting points for the deliberations of the Vermont Council on Planning.

Read the “Structure of Planning” Report.