Strengthening Vermont's Energy Economy 2007 ReportThe Vermont Rural Energy Council (VREC) was developed by the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD) to provide a non-partisan analysis of opportunities in rural electric generation, fuel development, and energy efficiency in Vermont.

Based on inputs and on the knowledge and experience of Council members, the Vermont Rural Energy Council crafted a set of recommendations for actions that would advance rural energy generation, fuel development, and efficiency in Vermont.



These recommendations include:

  • Expanding Net Metering
  • Adopting Clean Energy Policies
  • Constructing an All Fuels Efficiency Program
  • Improving Transportation Efficiency
  • Targeting Economic Development Assistance
  • Building a Green Investment Strategy
  • Adopting Time of Use Rates for Electricity
  • Beginning a Vermont Carbon Plan
  • Expanding Property Tax Incentives for Renewable Development

Read the “Strengthening Vermont’s Energy Economy” Report.