Stevens & Associates, P.C., an architectural and engineering firm, has a passion for walkable environments and mixed use buildings. Their work focuses on urban revitalization and the repurposing of existing historic buildings. By creating compact diversified environments, users can access multiple services and locations throughout the day without driving. Rebuilding such places uses the embodied energy in the existing structure. By renovating them into high performance constructions, they can operate with a minimal carbon footprint.

Stevens & Associates demonstrated this practice by moving its business to the Cutler Block building on Main Street in downtown Brattleboro. This relocation not only enabled many of the employees the ability to walk to work, but also allowed the staff an opportunity to support the downtown economy by frequenting stores, restaurants and local services. Cutler Block was renovated to provide a new envelope substantially reducing the energy needed to heat and cool the space. Stevens & Associates is committed to integrating design disciplines, sustainability and environmental concerns within each design.