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The Snelling Center for Government is partnering with their Vermont Leadership Network (VLN) to harness skills and knowledge in Vermont communities to aid in the development of the municipal website project. VLN consists of graduates of the Vermont Leadership Institute and Vermont School Leadership Project which promote stimulating citizen enthusiasm for and participation in public service. The programs give participants the information, tools, and inspiration to make a greater contribution to their organization and their communities in Vermont.

Over the next 12 month, Snelling Center is working with towns across Vermont to upgrade and build 20 municipal sites. The process is one that engages community members in dialogue to meet needs of residents, seeks to highlight the economic strength of towns, as well as integrate online tools for disaster response.

Tess Gauthier, Project Coordinator for the VT Digital Economy Project at the Snelling Center for Government says, “With 650 Vermont Leadership Network members, this project presents us with the unique opportunity to engage alumni and leverage VLN’s extensive understanding of Vermont’s rich historic, geographic and cultural diversity.  Graduates of the program are leaders in their community and profession, and we are incredibly humbled by the expertise and skills they are lending to the VT Digital Economy. We love the idea of building community in the process of municipal website upgrades and graduates of the program understand their areas better than anyone. It provides the hyper localized perspective necessary in building community.”