Randolph participated in VCRD’s Climate Economy Model Community Program (CEMCP) in 2018. CEMCP is community-driven process with local leaders, VCRD, Green Mountain Power, and Efficiency Vermont to cultivate economic development, innovation, and affordability in the face of climate change. Over 300 Randolph residents participated in the “R3 – Randolph Region Re-Energized” process with support from 25 visiting resource team members. Read the R3 Report and Action Plan. Over 85 volunteers joined task force groups that are working to:

  • Reduce municipal and school costs through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects;
  • Attract and support climate economy businesses and entrepreneurs and strengthen downtown Randolph;
  • Attract more visitors to the Randolph region; and
  • Create savings opportunities for homes and businesses through energy efficiency, energy transformation, and renewable energy generation.

As the task force groups move priorities to action they are supported for up to a year by VCRD and on an ongoing basis with resources from federal, state, regional, local, non-profit, and business leaders who participated in the process. Visit http://vtrural.org/town/randolph for stories and news about our work there.