How do your thoughts about Vermont’s values, future challenges and priority issues apply to YOUR community? Town
Rutland exists. It is the second largest city ("micropolis") in the state. We have the same problems. We face the same issues. Except Rutland is its own sad, abandoned planet; we need change here, as much as it is needed in Chittenden or Windham (Counties). At least I, and my friends, care about what needs to be done! Rutland
For Sale: (1) Vermonters dream home or (1) Flatlanders Dream, homestead included. Sudbury
I vote for environmentally friendly initiatives, which is my primary concern. S. Burlington
Many full-time people are leaving. Second-homeowners are not going to stay either. Lots of homes on the market here. The property tax system is terrible. I have put my home on the market. I love Vermont, but it is just too expensive. I will find a better solution in another State with nice landscapes. Long-term, Vermont is for the very wealthy. manchester
Rutland is a dieing town, business leaves left and right, leaving deep holes in our budget and edifice. The city needs a jump start of business arts and population if it plans to survive in the next century. Rutland
Continue to share that values by being more open to the different corners of the world. Montpelier
we need a more forceful forward thinking governor. Some one who have NIT spent his or her life in state government, never working in the private sector is a negative for our state. BETHEL
Education funding continues to be a major issue in Chester. I believe the people of Chester are treated fairly with the current system, although the two vote law for school budgets increased more than the rate of inflation should be repealed. Education leaders should do a better job of communicating to voters the need to support the schools. Chester
I have no idea. Mendon
Recent economic downturn has laid many people off in industry, mostly from problems outside of our state. Higher taxes are discouraging growth. shaftsbury
My community needs to adopt a more open minded attitude and let go of the "old way". More zoning needs to be had in order to meet the needs of conservation of land. Brownsville
We're working on it already – it will take more participation and teamwork weathersfield
We need better zoning–seems like many houses sprouting up in fields and orchards. More activities for young people (arts, business, sports, mentoring) so they aren't falling into drug use.. We need to GET WIRED to internet- a failure of leadership by Douglas that some Vermonters can't join global business community because they don't have access to highspeed internet. Marshfield
In supporting the school, library, small businesses, health center, woodlands and other natural areas. Marshfield
Well, because I'm living abroad right now, my community is very far away. But the issues still very much apply. Bigotry and selfishness are a universal challenge. Glover
My community has good zoning laws that help to provide a clean, stable environment for business, but the state permitting process makes starting any kind os business an extra challenge here and in all communities in VT My name is Andy Tarantino and I own Manchester Center
My family and I try by our deeds and actions to be the change we wish to see in others. We have raised our son by 1950's values,it was like swimming upstream at times, when our son mingled with others of different values. We are not alone, and a child maybe the change we need. We cling to this hope. Highgate Springs
I look at my state and it's communities as one. The state has done well, but there is always room for improvement. Bennington
Brattleboro has some of the elements in place, especially in being known for the arts, but the rest still needs to be fostered and strengthened. Brattleboro
I am interested and active in working with my community on land-use issues, and I hope to become more active with local groups dealing with local food and energy issues. Dummerston
Supporting the local businesses in Addison County. Riding the bus when I can–helping to keep my town "green." We live in an agricultural community–so I buy a great deal of our food from the local farmers–so keeping the localovore movement alive Bristol
see above, I also don't want my high school to change but this seems inevitable as there are more and more new students every year. Manchester Center
My community is a good example of one that is somewhat out of touch with the core values that brought me to Vermont in the first place. South Burlington could learn a few things from Burlington and Montpelier. South Burlington
There are more organizations in my community dedicated to making, not only VT, but the world a better place. Fayston
they are and hopefully will always be the majority opinion East Wallingford
Jobs are decreasing in Middlebury as taxes rise forcing families away, a failing downtown. no way to entice young people to stay in Town or Vermont and no way to attract non-vermonters. wish i could work where i lived. Middlebury
I am concerned about ill-considered development, and the costs of home ownership/living in Vermont. I am extremely concerned about economic conditions deteriorating in Vermont, and how the costs of heating and transportation will impact lower income families living on the edge of poverty, (and poverty gives rise to social and spiritual decline) Halifax
Living in Montpelier the rythm of the legislature has an impact, and raises awareness of how government is handling issues. Montpelier itself moves slowly, town commissions and committees are not charged with a future vision for Montpelier, as with the State and for easons that can be debated the focus is immediate tactical actions and not a long-term vision. Montpelier
I see Burlington and South Burlington as a key hub for these "next generation" jobs as it has a close proximity to many existing in-state businesses as well as the airport. South Burlington
Fortuntaly I am work for my community and try to bring benefit and teach the younger generation of Vermont. I work for Burlington City Arts- and have worked hard to combine what I do to all aspects of my life- its exhausting and I feel as if I have very little support. Burlington
Our taxes are $8100 a year which is going to be VERY difficult for us. It means we may not be able to participate as much in recreational enjoyments, such as golf and skiing because of the costs. It's also a struggle to find good jobs in Middlebury, as my husband now has to commute to Burlington for a good paying job. Middlebury
Energy, farm land, small business' all fall within New Haven. New Haven
As a whole the country moves toward a much older average age. No where is this more apparent then in VT, not to mention my community. What do we have to offer that will keep a high school or college graduate from moving to Denver or Phoenix? Our infrastructure is old, our business opportunities limited, our taxes crushing. Dorset
People need transportation, jobs, and affordable homes. East Hardwick
My community is evolving, with a revitalized down town, and additions of a community college and youth center, participation in the community is where all of these ideals begin. So I think they are all related to participation in structuring our communities to meet these goals winooski
People need transportation, jobs, and affordable homes. East Hardwick
We are facing difficult economic times which will be difficult to sustain our public services Brattleboro
We have a plethora of single-parent families, welfare cases, and mixed-up kids. There is little hope for better chances among youth, who have identity problems from mild to clinical disorders. GUILFORD
My priority as a young, educated profesional returing to southern vermont is to make as much of an impact on the challenges outlined above as well as any other issues that may arise along the way. I want to be able to share with friends and coleuges how special the Brattleboro area is and what it has to offer for others looking for a place to start a family. Newfane
how do we better use our resources — do we have too many salaried and entitled people and not enough whose income is determined by their own efforts? Rutland
Waterbury, for all its recent successes, is at a crossroads. Stowe, Burlington, and Montpelier all exert pressure on us, leading to sprawl and rising home prices. We're creating jobs, but we're not providing the village-style, walkable, affordable housing we need to ensure that people can live AND work here. Our biggest advantage is the many dedicated people who love and work hard for this town. Waterbury Center
Grand Isle County is rural and without a major supermarket. We are a 'gas station grocery' community, and therefore the perfect place to strengthen a year round relationship between farmers and residents – this means that farmers should grow winter greens! Enough 'tourist produce'… think outside the tomato! Or maybe homeowners should be trained to garden in winter? Grand Isle
Fits perfectly. Thats why I live here. Burlington
it means i have to come home. because we all need to show up and contribute. burlington
My husband and I opened an art gallery in Worcester which exposes a rural community to art. Our home was built of stone and local materials. As Vermont expands smaller towns will grow and provide more services so the need to drive far is decreased Worcester
There is an influx of young people I KNOW "from away" settling here specifically to pursue and help promote Vermont's VERMONT-NESS. These people are interested in preserving traditions and the landscape, while moving forward with progressive ideas about local sustainability. castleton
I am involved in local activities Winhall
they all apply Bellows Falls
Building community is hard work. Brattleboro
2 communities:our neighborhood,our town. Important to prioritize to see how we can use less energy and create jobs around energy usage. Decision makers could hold this as a priority.We need to creatively deal with these changes by working together. Seeing how we can consume less and enjoy the simpler things of life. Brattleboro
Montpelier is peculiar in that we have the highest taxes, but most people I know who work decent jobs are struggling with the weight of bills and the high cost of living and childcare. Sure, the schools are great, our community is safe, our downtown is thriving, but I know it is hard to keep it up. Montpelier
We moved to our community for it's diversity and education. Many of my thoughts and concerns about these issues are shared in our community being actively discussed. Business here seem to exude the inventor spirit and timely in their embrace of appropriate technology. Shelburne
Not sure I understand the question … what are we in jericho doing about the above? we are writing grants for sidewalks so more walking can occur (healthier and less fuel dependent), school boards work on above issues for school community .. more can be done Jericho
Don't know. West Bridgewater
Food, shelter,energy, healthcare. All very basic needs. How can we ensure that all of these needs are met at the local community level. My community is a place where people live, but don't work. There are few jobs here. With networked telecommunications, more people could live here and work from home. Ferrisburgh
People are leaving to expensive and liberal South Royalton
There are challenges which my community faces, namely the tax situation. How that is going to play out is anybody's guess. Overall, though, I think that Montpelier has a vision for the future and is working toward that vision. Montpelier
1. better public transport inter-city. 2. bike and pedestrian ways along major roads. E.g. Paine turnpike. (similar to Plattsburgh main road). battery-powered bicycle rickshaws for up/down hill; hire students to drive them. could be XC ski in winter also. Berlin
They really do not. Randolph is going to implode with the level of taxes for schools, new projects for the town, decaying infrastructure, and the apparent disinterest of the local citizens to take a stand to bring about change. Just look at the voting turn out on any issues. Folks just don't seem to care. Randolph
Milton is notoriously tight on its school budgets, we're going for our third vote this month. Sometimes it's more a battle of egos than real dollars. But when push comes to shove, we pull together as a town. We support our local farmers, and have a small (but growing) farmer's market. And the town does support free rec paths, parks and natural areas. Milton
making local democracy more powerful, e.g. town meetings local energy self-sufficiency Middlesex
Montpelier is in process of evaluating how best to preserve the special qualities of the city while expanding economic and housing opportunities. montpelier
I've always lived in mountains, farmlands, mostly changed now. People stay here because they love mtns/views, then build houses high in mtns., clear trees for views, and we have to look at them. Strict,far from ridgeline/building limits essential. Fayston
The old north end of Burlington – we need job opportunities, job training and education to obtain jobs that pay a livable wage. We need education about life style choices that affect our health. Energy efficiency to reduce living expenses. Burlington
Essex: fully preserve and utilize agricultural land for agricultural purposes. Develop transit-oriented design, taking advantage of link to CCTA, rail, carpool options (there is no park and ride in Essex to date), and biking for commuters. Develop local job market. MUCH more could and should be done to encourage sustainability. Essex
I have wonderful neighbors in Hardwick, but I know that there is pain there, as well. Finding ways to bring people together in a non-threatening and purposeful way will help. I wonder if this can be done almost by neighborhood. As far as priorities: for the short term, we have got to find a way to pool resources to make sure people are fed and warm this winter. Hardwick
I see many communities suffer from lack of citizen involvement. Many small, rural communities such as Lowell are plague by generations of the same families holding the power within the town. Many wish to get "new blood" in, but because there are several generations related to these individuals, it is nearly impossible to do so. Lowell
Our challenges will be more successfully addressed in our local communities. East Montpelier
Middlebury already has advantages but there are still many here needing help. We're all in this together – we should think on a state level rather than community by community. The wealthier communities need to share with the less fortunate communities in the state. Middlebury
We need high speed, reliable public transit, we need much more affordable housing in the city center and close to the center of the city that is in diverse socioeconomic neighborhoods. We need to make sure that parks and open space throughout our county and the rest of Vermont are perserved. Burlington
For Burlington, need to allow for more housing and population, while maintaining the basic character of the city and its natural areas and open space. Also need to foster active citizen partnership and "civic engagement." Burlington
School budgets and property tax arguments are really short sighted. I am embarrassed when my community can't pass a school budget. I am embarrassed that we treat teachers like second-class professionals. Also: I would like to see alternative energy options, including wind power, all over Vermont. We should be leading the way for this country. Colchester
Essex Town may be the worst example of a Vermont town on the wrong track. While the Town plan is progressive, it is ignored by Town governance, which is obsessed with promoting development and economic growth at any cost. Farm and forest land is being turned into suburbs and almost no one has a sense of Town history. Residents work and recreate elsewhere. Essex
I see members of my community struggling with making sustainable lifestyle, purchasing, and business choices. They are frustrated because even though they are clear on their values, they do not have access to information that will help them to make choices they are sure are in accordance with those values. Burlington
Burlington needs to address all these issues. From the exponential rise in graffiti visible around the City to the increasing number of empty storefronts, challenges to keeping Burlington a "most liveable city" abound. Growth of the suburban population and the diversity of people moving to the area present several opportunities and challenges. Burlington
I think we are moving into a one-party system of government in this state: socialism. I do not recognize the Democrat party I was a member of growing up. It is now hard-left-socialist, and even the Republicans are moving left. This bodes ill for the future prosperity of our state. We need a balance, and we no longer have that. Grand Isle
they do Burlington
everyone benefits Lunenburg VT
Ironically, our town is building a new elementary/middle school at a time when the number of children is decreasing. Nonetheless, we need to plan together to make the communities meet everyone's needs. Weathersfield
Totally. Rutland
Burlington has a wonderful mix of city and nature. Church Street Marketplace is no more than a 10 minute drive for most, and the bike path is highly accessible, not to mention our beautiful lake. Diversity is accepted and their are many opportunies for families. As for keeping young people in Vermont, Burlington needs to create more jobs for college graduates. Burlington
They need to look at creating more community and working to bring people together rather than splitting them. Help create more space where people can come together. Trails, bike paths, parks, and recreation bring old and young together and help you to know your neighbors and create more community. Charlotte, VT
Here in Burlington, we have a good focus on greater energy efficiency, on community supported agriculture, and on driving less. Suburban communities are going to wither and die under 8to10 dollar gas so we can either live in denial of that eventual reality or deal with it now before it becomes more a matter of survival and less of a choice. burlington
Again taxes are killing us. Franklin
Orwell is a farming town, my family were farmers and teachers. Orwell is a town of people who don't care about how much money they make and I am proud to have taken a piece of that with me. Yes the economy affects them but I think if I asked them these questions they would think as I do,ride it out, remain the people we have been and don't over think things. Orwell
Rochester is a blue collar community being hood winked by the school system and tax structure . I may sound bitter but Vermont has been going straight down the tubes since I retired here in 1993 . Rochjester
Our school, Twinfield, is on the right track working to foster community, celebrate our citizens, and teaching love instead of hate. need a public transportation system. need better comminication between selectboard & citizens. a web page that has detailed notes and agendas. plainfield
People are doing what they can to get by. Not a day goes by that you don't hear people concerned with the economy, fuel prices, and cost of living in general. Everyone is just trying to keep their heads above water. Berlin
get back to core basics of what actually works & is more sustainable over longterm, downsize state govt where & how it truly matters most, cut the fat where the fat is, not direct services, which means less chiefs, more indians, paying the indians better & more: e.g., do more with AHS field services at the local level & do *not* do away with the field service specialists positions, etc. Montpelier
Our current elected officials are weak, have substantial conflicts of interest and often choose the path of least resistance but usually run unopposed because everyone else is working 2-3 jobs or is working and raising a family. I would like to have some young residents/students run for office to bring some light and freshness to the work of running our county and town. MIddlebury
I am working with our district school system. They are clueless, just as our government is. It is scary. We are all acting like everyting is as usual, and it is not. The organizition of the Basic Community Unit should be used as a tool to ger the organization necessary to sustaion the population with greatly increased costs of energy, food, and financing. Fairlee
As a young person in Burlington, I know many other young people who feel trapped in the service economy and want real job opportunities. I'd also like more encouragement from state and city for young entrepreneurs. Burlington is fast becoming so diverse and that's a real opportunity to foster some anti-racism in Vermont, which it really needs. Burlington
Berlin is a town in transition, needs to look beyond retail and medical offices, and pay attention to affordable housing, riparian area protection and forest retention when permitting development. They should spend less time attracting a post office and more on reducing stormwater run off and planting street trees! Berlin
Charlotte has a lack of affordable housing, a lack of quality rental stock, restrictive zoning. One has to drive to Shelburne to buy most anything. The higher income of its residents isolate many from the state's economic realities. Charlotte
I live in an anti-business climate community where our taxes are too high and schools too inefficient. New Haven
Lots of ways… Burlington
We need to focus our efforts on education for our children. We need to invest in smaller schools in our communities to bring communities together. Local governments controlling budgets benefits all by allowing careful examination of what values in the community are important to the general population. Newbury
Half the houses owned by vacationers and the other half are owned by ex-vacationers – its not much of a community. Nice views and lots of trees but the community left a long time ago. Today, we have a pristine cartoon version of a community absent any deep personal connections replaced by lots of unfriendly nosy neighbors. Its just like living in a city but without the conveniences. Ludlow
Our local school does not run background checks on volunteers and sex offenders have ended up in the classroom. Also, Randolph just had another employer (Clear Source) close its doors. Randolph
I see all of my thoughts above relevant to the State, Williamstown, and the Country as a whole. We have allowed a very liberal press, legislature and government in general to undermine the moral fabric of our country. All our towns suffer from this. Our challenge is to work on restoring trust, honesty and respect. Williamstown
Increase public mass transit with an emphasis on smaller vehicles fueled by locally produced bio-fuels. Re-vitalize (yes…Subsidize) our rail system. Re-emphasize the blue collar and technical trades at our highschool and adult education levels. Throw our support behind locally produced, organic farming. Rutland
Downtown business space is overpriced for startup businesses.The city should be tapping the rivers to create energy.Housing is very limited and getting out of reach in price. MONTPELIER
My thoughts reflect the way I've lived my life here for the past 30+ years, and are shared by many in my community–one reason it's the best place in the world to live. Barnet
The thoughts shared above reflect the challenges and hopes that we have in Pittsford. I do not think Pittsford is unique in any way. Pittsford
I am moving from Middlebury to N. Ferrisburgh in a month, and I don't know yet about the isses facing my new town. But I do know it is a fine agricultural resource, and I expect it is facing (as most VT towns are) the pressures of sprawl. I look forward to learning more. Middlebury
Danville is a good place to raise children and those of us who are young at heart. Our existing challenges of not enough jobs, high petroleum and food costs as well as high housing costs will remain the same in the future. I have heard thta in 10 years only the very wealthy and the very poor will be able to afford Vermont. Danville
We have many homeless families who need low-income housing. White River Jct.
I am totally out of touch with our community since my community seems to think that it can keep electing the same tired politicians and that things will actually change. People dont vote and dont want to be involved. This needs to change. Newport
I'm graduating college soon and will be living in the general community again. I think the only way to make changes happen is to create that change. If people understand what needs to happen and why, I believe they can change. Burlington
again hard to say, but to just let the regulators run rough over the folks who do want the town to grow is not working Lyndon
Friends and fellow citizens in Montpelier are actively protecting affordable housing, supporting a vibrant farmer's market, choosing the food coop over the larger commercial grocery stores, working on energy independence from many angles – local energy committee, high school students trying to get their building off the grid – all reinstating local, community first in our lives. Montpelier
The bottom line is our State is a whole entity with many resisting eventual change. The State itself must be zoned and then grown else little by little things will change with no plan and allot of fighting. (Windpower and boxstores for example) I also propose putting toll roads on all the bridges to NH so we can keep/get some of that money that is going over there every day by our citizens. Newport
well i think i was talking about my town with my answers i feel that we need to get the old Ethan Allen building up and running so we have local jobs i do not want to see big buildings being put in (no shopping malls) i'd like to keep it small and a safe place for my family and others Brighton
we are beginning the conversation and research re energy and food sustainability Glover
The local community could make a serious effort to look for ways to provide electrical power locally beginning with town offices. This could include small-scale combined heat and power generation; solar applications; small-scale hydroelectric; grass or wood pellets. Barnet
We are not talking as a community. Washington
not sure – I just moved here Bridgewater
Pretty consistant Burlington
Get to know neighbors. Would like to see central neighborhood location for equipment sharing e.g., power tools, farm equip, mowers) instead of each household having their own. All community should support farmers – that's where our food comes from. Weathersfield
"My" community,the Upper Valley, includes NH – I prefer VT's politics but have friends on both sides of the River. I like idea of VT reclaiming its independence from the US b/c the US has become an empire;the federal govt violates the Constitution rather than "preserve, protect and defend"-ing it. I worry about what this would mean for the rest of New England. it. Weathersfield
I know that because Danby is such a small and tight-knit town, that everything I already mentioned will only aid it in its attempt to increase it in size. Danby
The changes mentioned above will encourage the steps EM has already taken to strengthen community ties. East Montpelier
It all applies to my community, especially since we are feeling a great deal of pressure to "grow" from the Burlington area. Jericho
Not sure what this question means. All the above apply to my community–that's where each person can start. Everyone needs to be involved. Norwich
South Burlington is under great development and growth pressure and city leaders do not seem attuned to protecting natural areas and open spaces that make our community special. South Burlington
Refusing to accept change (reality) is not a virtue. Warren Gore
They all apply – South Burlington
Burlington's Intervale is a great start – we need more of the same. How about a city-wide initiative to put windmills/solar panels on houses and more support for urban gardening? We need major upgrades in public transport, both for people and foodstuffs, to protect the city when the oil crunch hits. Burlington
Proctor is viewed as an "elite community" in our area because we maintain all our services (elementary and HS, garbage pick up, town water and sewer, recreation facilities) we are viewed in the immediate area as being snobs. I see the difference in income levels from both sides – the gap is large and we need to take care of everyone with losing Vermont. Proctor
1.keep neighborhood schools&make each elem.sch. vibrant. 2.actively fight classism&racism in all schls. 3.involve local people in local solutions. 4.All Vermonters deserve a livable wage. 5.affordable, single payer Healthcare for all. 6.affordable housing. 7.mentor programs Burlington
I think a lot of people try to ignore the problems, and there is a sense of overwhelming pressure when it comes to money issues (umbrella over healthcare, transportation, home buying etc) this makes people tense and stressed so it affects everything. Ripton
not sure…. Cabot
We live in a fairly conservative area, but even there people respect each other and value freedom and the beauty around us. Everywhere I see the environment being despoiled, though, either with ugly building and thoughtless development. How to regulate that without curtailing freedom? Difficult. N. Ferrisburgh
Community is where it all begins. Promoting a strong community involvement with each resident offers help to those who are in need. By helping each other in our communities it fosters bonds between all of us who share the same rights to be Vermonters living in a place where equality is righteous. Sheffield
I feel Barre is an "up and coming" community ready to spring back from economic woes. Many folks here are working hard to bring back Main Street and establish a sense of community, through our schools, through the recent Flower Show, through performances at the Opera House,and through LACE working with local farmers. Barre
My rural community has no public transportation or natural sources of energy other than wind or solar. Our K-6 school needs to consolidate with other small, rural schools. We rely on institutions and organizations in Middlebury for just about all services. Cornwall
They all do! Rutland
My community has gay and lesbian citizens who are as much a part of our town as anyone is. They should have access to legal marriage, the same as anyone else. Rochester
Can not afford to live here, taxes! westminster
I just moved here 6 months ago. I find it a struggle to get used to the weather and the alienation and the way prices do not match wages. Hartford
Down country money talks and Vermonters walk…… Addison
Rutland's developing local food movement creates priceless wealth to benefit everyone. Rutland challenges: Need much more diversity consciousness; Diverse & green economy; Be friendlier to pedestrians & bicyclers & discourage driving everywhere; Renewable energy needs a big jump-start. Rutland
My community has worked hard to preserve the town in much the way it has existed for decades. Yes, there is more development, but the town plan respects the will of the community to engage in thoughtful solutions to the push & pull of encroaching populations and preservation of its historic ecology. Westford
Brandon is a progressive community. We still have the issues of affordable housing. Education is good. We have a reasonable tax base but reluctance to change is preventing other businesses from locating in Brandon and the unfriendly business environment in VT in general is a deterant. Brandon
we need our state roads better maintained for starters….the state construction budget needs to be better funded to keep pace with aging schools, the state needs to fund the health services sector so the education budget is not forced to carry their burden under the "education" umbrella brandon
Eden is burdened by lousy regulation, lousy infrastructure, lousy tax policy, and lousy government policies. Fifty years ago two thirds of the population were employed in town. Today, absent the school, only about 5% is. That change resulted from deliberate government policies at all levels — and it has destroyed Eden as a community. eden
Our community has lacked good leadership for years, in both the municipal arena and education. For some reason we have been unable to attract the strong leaders in the community into public service and other forms of civic engagement. I attribute most of the problem to rampant partisanship, a lack of civil discourse, over regulation and undue public scrutiny Newport City
I live in Burlington: very high city and state taxes, and fuel costs during the winter. Yet, the school system doesn't even pay for an earned doctorate. burlington
I believe my community tries hard on a number of these values and challenges that I mention in my thoughts. My community works hard for a vibrant downtown, preservation of natural lands, and encouragement of small business. Brattleboro
Burlington needs to elect another progressive person to the State Legislature to help achieve enough votes to override the Governor's veto of any solution that might work. Solving the health care crisis will alleviate the pressure on city government's lack of financial resources to deal with a range of postponed problems Burlington
Our sewers are a mess. We don't know what's in our water since we drink what we urinate. Energy and food costs are through the roof. Our community does not support the school. Winooski
Pawlet is a brilliant town, with gorgeous natural resources, well-run farms, smiling neighbors and an up-beat little downtown. Supporting local goods is easy at Mach's general store, where local products abound. Pawlet
Weybridge is a classic retirement home for rich lefties from elsewhere. God help us. Weybridge
It is irrelevent to talk about us – Vermont should be rebuilt on its history of individual self-sufficiency. We talk a lot but most Vermonters will wait for someone else to do something and the obstacles in place for the "doers" are not worth the effort to overcome. Isle La Motte
Our Route 105 is loaded with commuters going somewhere else to work. How many are going just to St. Albans, Georgia, or Swanton I don't know. It would be nice if more industry could come to northeast Franklin County to use some of the labor force. A 2-hour ride on each end of the work day doesn't seem very enjoyable to me. Sheldon
School Choice, real choice for everyone, for any school. To include free college to our citizens. Mass transportation around the towns we live in, from small busses to trains. County wide government supporting county wide highways and roads. Winooski
Vermont, as a state, is my community. Too many don't see the forest (state) for the trees (localities).Ideally there would be a trickle up effect, but why not use gravity and try more of a trickle down approach? Johnson
If we could create better means for communicating across Franklin and Grand Isle counties, we could accomplish so much more- the economy, the environment, health, education, youth and age- these should not be worked on as though they were separate issues Fairfield
Our community has approximately twice the state average for free and reduced lunches – in a self study more than twice the state average of 8th graders ours stated they use alcohol – the social services provided in our community run up $100,000s of thousands of dollars of expenses every year and for what – the systems aren't working and they need to be repaired. Bradford
<Montpelier does a great job keeping its downtown vibrant. Luckily it's geography prevents a lot of sprawl, but it could do a better job encouraging the use of 3rd floors as housing. Hopefully the voters will continue to approve school budgets to keep and improve the quality of its schools. A preshool would be great too! Montpelier
My community has a long way to go. Very divided, bedroom community. I'd like to see more engagement here across ideological and political and class divides. I wish our town had more of a center and had more viable businesses. I wish there was work for me nearby. Wolcott
We have become a bedroom community for people working outside the area. We have no real industry here. Short of a court house, post office, a small grocery store, a bank, a couple schools, a library and a few farms left a couple bed & breakfasts that is it. There is no real revenue coming from within yet taxes continue to rise. Hyde Park
They are all extremely necessary throughout all of Chittenden County. South Burlington
This is getting harder to do in Burlington. Burlington
All of them apply in spades. Richmond is full of imported trust fund liberals and there are no good jobs and no affordable housing for 18 to 35 year olds. Why would they stay here? Richmond
For the most part, what is good for Vermont is also good for Bennington. Bennington
I live in two communities in Vermont, one very small, one Burlington. These issues are equally important in each. I suspect the larger towns will have an easier time managing challenge but are also more endangered in losing their Vermont character. Personally, as I get older I'd prefer to live in the small town and enjoy my neighbors and neighborhood. North Bennington
Marlboro even has a four-year college, but the kids scram at graduation. It's a beautiful, special place that I will always call home, but it's not where I can work and live. Marlboro
Montpelier should have a welcoming way of introducing newcomers to the communities' assets and events and so on. Montpelier
These priorities should be echoed and agreed upon by different elements of our business, government, non-profit and philanthropic communities Montpelier
St Johnsbury is a thoughtful and diverse community with a good handle on moving forward intelligently. ST Johnsbury