What should our priorities be as we work together to prepare Vermont for the future? Town
Get the input of every single Vermonter, of every ethnic and social background. Of any job description. Vermont needs to ensure stability in everyone's life. Go to WallMart in downtown Rutland and pluck an unfortunate soul off the sidewalk with a Mountain Dew in one hand and a stroller in the other. Get her opinion. Her opinion is the key to Vermont's darkest issues. Rutland
I don't know, I'm disqualified 2 speak 4 Vermont(ers). I'm a Visitor who's resided here for decades. I say Vermonters are doing great job making residents who used to appreciate, respect,& abide the ways to leave. I hate the term Flatlander! I never minded it for many years. It now groups me w/those who disrespect, try to change, upset, compete, & or take over VT. Sudbury
listening to other points of view, seeking concensus amicably, looking at both long- and short-term human impacts S. Burlington
Find a way to lower taxes! Get taxes from low-impact technology businesses. Attract businesses that provide jobs for educated people and teach new applicable skills to those who do not have them. Too many low-end unskilled jobs and not much for professionals throughout the State. Stop depending on the skiing and hospitality industries to define Vermont. Bring it into the 21st century. manchester
The number one priority is how do we make our state attractive to clean, green, and Vermont friendly business that brings us funds to support our progressive and socially responsible ideas. Rutland
Vermont should be more accepting toward different cultures. Make Vermont as a livable State for all. Vermont is not a cheap place to live if you don't have a good paying job. Montpelier
Like the captive insurence bizness we should go after corperate registrations based on transparency and honesty and scruples those values our state is known for. When asked where.."a Delaware Corperation" is mumbled where " A Vermont Coperation" is sung loudly Shelburne
the lack of cell service and fast internet is a HUGE drag on the economics of our state . It is appalling this has not been addressed sooner so that we are not behind the curve as we are at present. I have dsl in both my hones but not cell. BETHEL
Keeping young bright minds in the state by encouraging the growth of businesses and organizations that work on global issues. Burlington
1. Restore the economy. 2. Establish a universal health care system. 3. Legalize gay marriage. Chester
community, education, environment, jobs, farming, decency, civic & neighborly commitment cabot
Setting priorities around what we want our state to be, and then communicating this to all residents. For example, some of us want VT to be a tourist mecca, but the way we treat visitors is not in keeping with such a goal. Mendon
We need to build a strong tax base by promoting private growth and development through the elimination of overly burdensome state regulatory barriers. Walden
keeping taxes and government to a minimum, encourage growth within the state. Fight against federal spending, and advocate for a more strict interpretation of the constitution. shaftsbury
See my above list. Brownsville
Each town needs to take the initiative for its own energy program: conservation and renewable system(s) and providing local foods for schools and community. It's time to downscale huge houses and large vehicles or face much higher taxes on them weathersfield
–high-speed internet everywhere –zoning to protect open land –education to foster creativity, entrepenuership and technology so younfg people can find work here –affordable healthcare –green energy business leader nationally –protect out Vermont "brand" by protecting agriculture and open land Marshfield
The above-mentioned "challenges" make up my list of priorities (although not in order). Above all, however, the number one priority on all levels- community, state and national- should be ensuring our children's health, safety and education. Everyone, parents and non-parents, have a stake in the security of our children. Marshfield
– small-scale Ag. – large-scale alternative power generation. – alternative education approaches. – replacing strip development with cornfields. Rockingham
independence, ruggedness, simple courtesy that goes beyond political persuasion Glover
repeal act 60 and 68! use a borad based tax like maryland. affordable housing that allows people to buy a home not rent. small bsuiness incubator sites that allow small businesses to own not rent. clean wind energy and tax incentives for homeowners and businesses to install solar and wind power. Manchester Center
Continue health care efforts, including dental and eye care. Preserve our natural resources, become more environmentally conscious. Improve our education system. More financial aid to deserving students. Reform the justice system to be fair and equitable, regardless where your case is heard. Bring a balance of equal justice for all similar crimes. Highgate Springs
I am very proud of Vermont's Natural Community. It is a big part of what makes "Vermont", Vermont to me. I would love to see the continued protection of our wetland, forest, stream, and lake ecosystems. This would allow for our many amazing native tree, bird, amphibian, plant, fish, reptile, mammal, etc, species to survive into the future. Winooski
Providing opportunities for young Vermonters so they do not move out of the state. Promote/support more and varied community based programs for the young and old. Bennington
We should look at where our energy comes from and be at the forefront of using decentralized, not polluting energy sources: wind, solar, hydro, biomass, geothermal. Nuclear energy generation is not safe or sustainable. We also need to improve high speed internet and wireless phone reception to remain competitive and able to do work from home. Brattleboro
Protecting the landscape. Building a locally self-reliant state economy based on sustainable agriculture and sustainable energy production. Dummerston
Transportation infrastructure–buses, trains Buying locally Single payer health care Continuation of smart growth for our towns/villages Bristol
Don't change too much, just enough to help Vermont succeed. Manchester Center
To encourage economic growth that enhances the state's work climate without compromising our core values. To celebrate the aspects of Vermont life that we cherish, so we won't lose them. South Burlington
Think about what unique capabilities upon which opportunities for growth and innovation can take root. Belief in the inherent goodness of our culture and that it can serve as an example to others. Fayston
to reshape ourselves to fit an infinite Vermont rather than reshape Vermont to fit our infinite wants-agriculture,tourism,and cottage industry is what made Vermont strong and unique in the past and is what should be encouraged into the future East Wallingford
Elect a legislature who can lower health care costs, get out of the way of entrepreneurs, reform the permit process so small business stands a chance of succeeding Tunbridge
Attracting and supporting new business' to maintain and grow the job market to provide young people and families the choice to stay and live in this great state without having to expect less. Middlebury
Education. Not just in schools, but education as a life long pursuit. Environment. Our natural beauty and organic farms are two of the biggest assets we have. Economics. We must do what we can to foster the growth of small business and livable wages for Vermont Citizens. We must find new and creative ways to consolidate services and reduce the burden of taxes here in this state. Halifax
To be an example of sustainable living, reducing the gap between rich and poor, pushing forward on renewable energy, alternative transportation, and ending partisan politics. Montpelier
First, maintain the quality of life, landscape, and communities. Second focus on bringing in new businesses and growing existing ones who will bring the next generations of "quality jobs". This should focus on those management, design, creative, engineering, technical, and trade opportunities which are less likely to be outsourced in within this global economy. South Burlington
Higher education should be number 1. It is unaffordable for the high quality education that we deserve. We could be giving to ourselves but instead we are giving rich, spoiled kids from out of state a cheap education here. They bring more drugs, drinking and poor values to our state in the future. South Burlington
My demographic can not survive in Vermont- and without us there is no future for this state. I think the industry needs to recognize this and promote earlier retirement and make room for my generation. My friends are overeducated and unerpaid and realize that they may not be able to make Vermont home. Vermont needs us. Burlington
Maintaining the environment and finding ways to provide people with good paying jobs. Also to keep the cost of living, including taxes down. Middlebury
healthcare and small business costs (i.e. workers comp). Responsible growth. Growth is inevitable and good. Make sure that it is thought out though to preserve what makes vt unique (the setting, the farms, the small towns). HELP the small farmer. Be a leader on alternative energy sources for the whole state. New Haven
Maintain the small town feel, but don't ignore the fact that we live in a desirable place where retirees and the wealthy want to live.Encourage businesses to stay, creating opportunity.Focus on creating or maintaining a very high standard of education.Look more closely at how our tax money is spent. Smaller government. Dorset
Manage the land. Keep corporate America out. Less sprawl. Focus on education and technology to connect rather than malls. East Hardwick
We should focus on what has made vermont great, maintaining sustainable environmental, business, and political practices to keep our state green, clean and progressive. oh yeah an get more economic opportunities to entice people to live here and contribute to the above mentioned ideas. winooski
Manage the land. Keep corporate America out. Less sprawl. Focus on education and technology to connect rather than malls. East Hardwick
The state is small enough to be an incubator for testing ideas: make health care affordable and universal; keep the environment clean; strong art and cultural centers Brattleboro
Family formation and permanence. GUILFORD
Focus our development efforts on traditional villages. Within these areas, provide basic public services such as high quality education, health care, public transportation, housing, employment, etc. Burlington
There needs to be a continued focus to provide a better foundation for young educated profesionals to seek out Brattleboro and the surronding valleys as a place to start a family and build their lives. There needs to be more promotion of the opportunities that are avaliable carear wise combined with a pace of life that is far greater than any metropolitan area. Newfane
cut taxes and leave more income in the hands of individuals, restrict act 250 commissions so they do not needlessly hinder development Rutland
Maintaining Vermonts quality of life,rural character, and working landscapes. Supporting local economies and small businesses. Providing health care for all Vermonters. Maintaining small communities and minimizing partisan politics. Wallingford
We need to maintain our town centers and surrounding agricultural fields and forestland. We need to make sure that OUR vision for our state, not some distant corporation's, is what shapes and guides development. We cannot go wrong by investing in our communities, in ourselves. Waterbury Center
Winter Gardens!!! Safe, renewable, and affordable energy. A more localized economy. Better food in schools. A 'just say no to widget factories' campaign. Better use of public spaces – public art, natural habitats, and other brain cell generators. Grand Isle
Continuing to foster our small town communities, maintaining the landscape and being stewards for eachother and the earth. Burlington
teaching people how to grow their own food and build sustainable energy-efficient structures. cultivate systems of non-digital communication. provide safe spaces for people to come and release anxiety and fear through physical, creative, or other meditative therapies. burlington
helping artists and young people Worcester
preservation of unique character and landscape castleton
Lower taxes and better fuel effciency Winhall
alternative energy and job growth Bellows Falls
Economic development ought not to come at the expense of community. Brattleboro
Jobs from green energy.Hydropower in small streams.Transportation solutions through trains, buses, carpooling, registered hitchhiking, trolleys.Raise taxes for people with second homes.Use less electricity-figure out how our parents did it&get rid of those gadgets.This will create jobs that can't be shipped to China and are more satisfying in the long run. Brattleboro
Level the wage gaps, more education, less sprawl. Montpelier
Attract some of the larger business that can pay well keep our children in Vermont, and take some of the pressure of the education tax off homeowners. Vernon
There should be a park and ride in White River Junction. You have interstate 89 and 91 both entering into the community. I think many Vermonters would use it and help our green state. Hartland
Facing the writing on the wall with a realistic view of knowing our problems are going to happen. Searching for and coming to decisions about some value changes as far as not in my back yard goes. Planning for responding now to these coming changes is paramount. Shelburne
clean environment through alternative heating and fuel resources — WIND power a must!, safe communities and job opportunities for all (a livable wage) and state of art educational system for ALL — including children and youth with special needs Jericho
Keep taxes and regulations to a minimum. Cut state spending and state jobs. Make Act 250 more friendly and streamlined. Fix our roads and bridges. West Bridgewater
Be inclusive of all groups. Make sure everyone has a voice, especially those who have been here for generations, but include newcomers,too. Use this as an opportunity to educate each other and to learn from each other and to work together to meet common goals. Ferrisburgh
less taxes, less government, fewer entitlements, no gay marriages South Royalton
Coupled together are education reform and tax relief. More public transportation to the rural areas. Trains are an affordable means of transportation. Trains once connected our towns. Alternative energy could be the focus for our jobs growth. Montpelier
Livable wages and a cost of living that is affordable for those other than people who have moved here with money. The average person cannot afford to maintain a life here. Until we can support ourselves and our families, we really don't care about solar panels at bus stops. We need to be able to make enough money to survive and not have to give it all away to taxes! Montpelier
1. Reduce carbon emissions. Incentivize energy conservation and renewable energy. Wind power and solar energy. 2. affordable universal health care. 3. more public transit. 4. clustered-pattern development for new subdivisions. Berlin
You need to get over the fact that Vermont's character is not going to be able to remain the same. You have to have reasonable adjustments to your expectations that in order for this state ot survive you are going to have to attract & retain businesses, retain skilled labour, lower taxes, and build your infrastructure to support a vibrant economy. Randolph
Energy and education. We need to find a clean, affordable way to power our homes, business, and transportation. Additionally, education funding is too complicated for PreK-12 students, and too expensive for college students. Milton
Rebuilding social infrastructure: making local democracy more powerful, e.g. town meetings making quality health care a human right livable wages and viable local businesses affordable public higher education and job training Middlesex
healthy lifestyles/healthy environment montpelier
Individual responsibility for climate-change needs; massive public education re invasives which are devastating our natural habitats; buy USA/VT for jobs; shop locally, keep profits in our towns, not in huge corporations. Fayston
Increase opportunities for small business. Energy efficiencies and independence. Health care for all Vermonters – focus on wellness – preventative care incentives. Burlington
Invest in locally generated and distributed energy and energy efficiency/conservation. Decentralize jobs; revitalize communities. Fully fund public transportation. Increase sustainable agriculture. Implement universal health care. Essex
People need to feel safe, warm, cared for. They need to feel self-worth. If we empower families, recognize individuals' value, and work together to find genuine ways for each to contribute to solutions, our systems will be stronger, and our communities will thrive. Hardwick
To provide the means for Vermont to become self sufficient in as many areas as possible. Vermonters can do it, if we all come together…not just a few elite Vermonters, as has been, but all Vermonters, as it should be. Lowell
Working toward a more energy efficient, sustainable life style. East Montpelier
We're facing an energy crisis in this country and VT is particularly hard hit because of the higher heating costs and greater distances traveled for work. We need to increase subsidies for home insulation and energy efficiency for those who can't afford it in order to reduce annual costs and demand. We need more renewable energy. We need better public transportation so people can use less gas. Middlebury
Priorities –A high quality of life for all by protecting the environment and open space; by making sure there is affordable housing in city and village centers; fast and reliable public transportation such as high speed train throughout our region; universal healthcare; energy efficiency and renewable clean evergy options. Burlington
1. provide for growth and development that doesn't change Vermont's essential character. 2. provide for Vermonters' needs in health care and housing. 3. deal with global warming by reducing our dependence on oil — especially important to change our transportation policies away our over dependence on cars; and our land use policies to enable this. Burlington
Education, education, education. More than anything else, giving opportunities to our young is the best way to ensure a bright future. Colchester
Vastly expanding public transportation and bike paths; discouraging further suburbanization; creating urban parks and gathering areas to relieve the need to drive into the countryside; finding alternative energy sources; reserving land for market agriculture or family garden plots. Essex
Increasing employment opportunities in places like the NE Kingdom in the green technology sector, protecting access to farmland for a new generation of producers. Burlington
Keeping the lines of communication open between residents and their government. Innovation in energy and environmental protection. Leadership in health care reform and offering universal health care. Addressing crime problems swiftly and pioneering new strategies for prevention and remediation. Burlington
Lower taxes. Reform school funding. Shrink the size of state government. Encourage the growth of private businesses and jobs. Reform the cumbersome permit and regulatory process. Remember the strong conservative and religious roots of the State. We are drifting away from all of these. Grand Isle
Clean air and water; keeping jobs here; getting rid of the Bush mess Burlington
peace Lunenburg VT
The fastest growing aging population needs to be considered for more housing options. Planning for sidewalks and a return to less compliance on driving distances for our basic needs. Supporting farmers markets which are more elder friendly. Weathersfield
Create incentives for those wishing to produce jobs….. clean jobs…. factories that blend into the greater plan of more centralized communities. Improve communications and transportation systems. Continue to promote a healthy environment, health care for all, mass transit… the things that matter most to people. Rutland
Priority 1: Preserve and protect land from development. Keep Vermont natural! Priority 2: Create a plan to welcome young people into Vermont. This can be done through the job market – especially the hiring of young teachers just out of college. It can also be done by lowering the cost of state colleges and universities. Burlington
Vermont needs to help its own expand their businesses and help them create jobs that exemplify all that is Vermont. Keep agriculture important. Help small towns keep their sense of community. Charlotte, VT
Energy and infrastructure that moves us away from the gluttonous consumer culture that destroys local communities We also have to keep our water sources in better shape, both above and below ground as clean, fresh water will be the primary resource in the coming years. Having a stronger and solid telecommunications infrastructure will also be imperative in refocusing our economic priorities. burlington
We need to get school spending under control and capped. Then our tax rate will drop. We need to get industry into the state to attract workers to add to our tax base. Franklin
Stick with who we are. We just need to ride this out. If we start trying to come up with crazy ideas to change Vermont, we won't be the same as we used to be. The things that have made us the 'unique' state that we are, will eventually pay off again. We don't always have to figure out what's next or what to change when times seem hard. Just wait and let time take its course. Orwell
Vermont is dead ! Not only economically but culturally as well . If we can get beyond the "green" mentality we can rejuvenate . Rochjester
Health care for all!!! Alternative energy. Reducing consumption without worrying about hurting businesses outside of vermont. We can teach each other how to have different values re consumption. For example, why do we feel a need to have lawns that look like golf courses? We need to heal people that are in our jails. Affordable public transportation. plainfield
Sustainable living – local and government focusing on the unique needs of Vermonters and moving away from the federal government that seems to have it's priorities backwards. Focus on making living affordable – reasonable public transportation, bike programs in cities with downtowns, better roads. Berlin
affordable housing infrastructure, (particularly for those most in need), affordable education (i.e., primary and secondary) as well as the mechanisms of how it is paid for, health care financing & service provision, setting up & maintaining statewide broadband, public transportation infrastructure as well as roads & bridges Montpelier
Identify areas of common ground such as the desire to support Vermont's wildlife and clean up its waterways. Eliminate outdated methods for managing these- such as only having the hunting and fishing community only on the FWL commission. Tap into private sector for suggestions about how to handle challenges such as issuing Garvey bonds to pay for improvements to our roads and bridges. MIddlebury
Learn about General Theory of Living Systems, the Basic Community Unit, to support a population at a sufficiently reduced cost as to be sustainable. The 12 essential function are: (1) Energy, Nutrition, Finance; (2) Eduction, Employment, Recreation; (3) Governance, health, Judicial (4) Tranportation, Communications, Structures. Use these systems to provide a highly efficient society. Fairlee
Smart and anti-sprawl development. Fostering walkable and bikable downtowns and regions. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION! Commuter bus ridership is already way up! Offering opportunities beyond the service economy for young people. Not expecting tourism to save us. Better internet access everywhere, including the Northeast Kingdom! More local food, more food security. Burlington
Protect and enhance natural resources, watersheds, wildlife habitat and open spaces. Work on health care issues for inclusion, cost containment and wellness Work with communities to support planning, encourage participation of all citizens and effective governance. Improve energy efficiency, conservation and reliability for homes, transportation, institutions and businesses. Berlin
Rid the state of its anti-business attitude. Offer job training to those who need it. Charlotte
Create at least one new Nuclear Power Plant to generate low cost electricity for us and to export. New Haven
Unite vs. divide. Protect and maintain the great things we already have, like Town Meeting and function village centers. We need services like Front Porch Forum that help people across the spectrum meet and converse frequently. Burlington
Getting 'green products' industry to move into our state producing new jobs and getting the state to provide free high quality child care for all residents! Castleton
Let local governments decide what their priorities will be in spending money and investing in our future and our children's futures, if by chance they decide to make the sacrifices to stay in VT. If our children who are our future are educated effectively, they will be prepared to be critical thinkers and continue the Vermont tradition of independent thinkers and business men and women. Newbury
Work together? Does you butcher cut your bacon because he's altruistic? Or, does he do it because it serves his needs? We don't need some centrally manage plan on how all of us can cooperate. The markets works just fine doing that. The state needs to simply stop meddling in something it can't understand and that can't be managed. Ludlow
We need to be more open to business!!! We need to cut back on our government programs. We also need to get tougher on crime. Right now, Vermont is a great place to be a child molester. Randolph
work with other states and federal gov'ts to get a handle on our fuel supplies and costs. Get a handle on health care issues. Creatively encourage saving for homes, cars, etc., and encourage more responsible spending in gov't, eliminating a lot of the waste. Williamstown
By reducing the negative impact of over regulations, high taxes, the NIMBY principle and allowing Vermonters be who they are we can improve the economy. Instead of looking a new ways to pay for a very expensive education we should be looking at ways to reduce the costs. The NEA has us in a stangle hold and we need to reduce that control. Fairlee
Dealing with the aforementioned. MONTPELIER
Maintaining as much local control as possible. Incentives for small, decentralized energy and food production. Barnet
education, education, education…nothing else will be possible if our young do not possess the skills required of the 21st century. Without the skills we will not have the opportunities for young people and we will become a land for the old and the poor. Pittsford
Vermonters need to realize how important there history is and that it is worth saveing. Many differnt historic sites around the state of Vermont need help financialy. These sites are either lacking funding or no one knows about them. We need to act now to preserve these sites for future generations. Lyndon
Renewable fuel sources. Transitional Towns (UK as guideline). Responsible growth and development. Utilizing VT resources (and values) in addressing issues. Greening houses, both existing and new. Educating for, and supporting, responsible farming practices. Creating and supporting local businesses/economies. Middlebury
We need to work together including with government to attract business as well as network with existing employers on the broadcasting of jobs as they come available. One other thing – whenever a business developer promises jobs, we need to know that they will be hiring Vermonters and not importing employees from other areas. Danville
Preserving the vast wildlife of Vermont. There may not be as wide a variety of species as in some areas, but we have a larger population:land ratio than most states for many of the animals that life in Vermont. Mount Holly
Jobs and education should be priority one and not just any kind of job. Jobs that pay decent wages and benefits something I have not had since I moved to the NEK in 1998. Newport
As always, housing and gas prices, that continue to rise. Also, balancing Lake Champlain, and all water areas. We need these areas for the balance of nature and for recreational uses. Burlington
SMART Growth Lyndon
Continuing to follow the sustainable and green impulses,while strengthening the economy in a sustainable way RANDOLPH
Create a decentralized and distributed energy system, move to a Vermont Food System that grows and produces the core of our diets – commit as Vermonters to buy Vermont First…and devote private, public and non-profit sector work to put the infrastructures in place to support these consumer desires. Continue to protect open lands, and continue to direct growth to our villages and town centers. Montpelier
Schools and better libraries and infrastructure. Business development, especially technology. Our whole state is more like a big city when it comes to issues and future. Study a city like Philly with a higher population that the whole State of VT. They face the same issues. Newport
keeping Vermont "Vermont" don't turn every town into a city where you can't breath the fresh air Brighton
see above Glover
Replacing the electrical power from Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant with a distributed grid system utilizing small local sources of electrical power and universal net metering. Barnet
Bring people together to share information and ideas. Washington
energy schools health care infrastructure Bridgewater
Consider county government. Four year terms for Governor, constitutional officers and Legislature. Stop giving away the bank (tax credits) and focus on companies that have already made the investment in Vermont. ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOUR NEIGHBOR! Burlington
Include various viewpoints. Respect for one another. Keep communities informed of what's going on. Share responsibility for our food supply and other necessities. Protect natural environment. /Be sure everyone has access to healthcare and medications. Weathersfield
Preserve the environment. Be sure everyone has enough food, affordable housing and health care. Support small-scale local agriculture and socially responsible businesses. Weathersfield
Equalizing the rights of everyone, lowering the tax rates for all Vermonters, reducing the prices of land and maintaining the beauty and simpliciy of this rural sanctuary. Danby
The transformation described above will create many job opportunities as other jobs are made obsolete (buying, selling home heating oil). These new jobs will be closer to home. This will help us to return to a more local community based existence. East Montpelier
Universal health care. Preserving farms and the open pasture/field landscapes. Vermont will become totally wooded if we allow farming to die. Develop alternative energies like wind and solar. Jericho
Affordable taxes for the middle class!!!!! Norwich
Protecting our environment. South Burlington
Start by Fixing our communication system–WiFi and cell phone service. My new Apple iphone has NO SERVICE in Vt. Warren Gore
Education, Workforce,Values, Safe Environment South Burlington
We need to become as energy and food-independent as possible. This will ensure our security in an increasingly crazy world and will also make Vermont a uniquely attractive place to live, work, and invest. But in order to get ourselves into this strong position we have to invest heavily in R&D *now*! Burlington
Making sure that all income levels of vermonters are feeling welcome and supported. Making sure that we don't become a haven for the wealthy and lose what makes Vermont special. Proctor
linking the present (challenges) to the past (strength of our heritage) (so more and more people "get it" about how to solve problems "the VT way" Burlington
Different types of energy (wind, geothermal, etc) also better prison and court processes… counseling not condemnation. It's cheaper and better for all the people involved. Ripton
environmental sustainability; marriage equality for same-sex couples; reduction of income disparity among citizens; equalizing of education and employment opportunities among citizens…. Cabot
Civil rights (next step – marriage equality for our gay & lesbian neighbors), alternative energy sources development, the whole range of progressive freedoms that the USA was founded upon. N. Ferrisburgh
Our priorities should lie within our children. Since our children will be our leaders someday, we should focus on teaching good values and equality. Promote community connectedness as a strength to bring everyone together as a team. Sheffield
Education, education and education. Barre
We must create local and sustainable economy. We must invest in renewable energy, education, health care, and infrastructure. Our public radio is a valuable resource. We should support all families. Cornwall
Attract more green business, legalize gay marriage, provide quality health care to all, and affordable housing. Rutland
We need to make sure that all Vermonters are valued equally under the law. We need to make sure all Vermonters have equal rights and responsibilities. Clarendon
Liberty, equality and justice for all. Rochester
Good jobs westminster
Make it a place younger people want to stay and contribute to. We need to have more for the youth to do or they will find drugs, alienation. Also, there needs to be more for everyone to do, especially newcomers in small towns. Hartford
Keeping the rural areas of VT rural while allowing for sensible development. Addison
Interdependence. Education that prepares Vermonters to contribute to the state's needs. Renewable, locally-produced energy. Support for small agriculture and regional economies (and less influence from large, powerful corporations). Much more community participation in the process. Rutland
Vermont first; keep the feds at bay. Westford
New businesses, affordable housing, education, a plan that will encourage our young people to stay, work, and live in VT. Brandon
work on bringing industries here that cn work in a green and friendly manner….train our students for those green jobs…get rid of our teachers union…NEA there is no place for it here in a state our size. brandon
Work toward making state GREEN, pass legislature for GAY marriage S. Burlington
First is to reduce the taxes which drain capital from young entrepreneurs precisely when they most need it, and secondly eliminate the endless regulatory second guessing which constantly cripples innovation and development of human capital. eden
One of the most divisive issues in Vermont and nationally is the whole pro choice vs pro life debate. We need leadership that works to bring the two sides together by working on the underlying issue – preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Newport City
Increasing tax base, lowering fuel costs, standardizing educational cost and delivery structures across the state. burlington
I would see our priorities as maintaining that historical focus on preserving quality of life and what makes Vermont special and unique, restricting development on natural lands, moving forward and then keeping pace with technological growth, and continuing a focus on small businesses and specialty agriculture. Brattleboro
Health care for all the election of a progressive minded governor who is proactive and not a roadblock to creative solutions to our problems. Burlington
Renewable energy. Protect our water supply. Fair taxation. Education reform. Winooski
We need to think-out our environmental initiatives better. Cow-Power increases factory farming, CFLs contain Mercury and Ethanol will raise the price of land beyond what the richest woodchuck could afford. We need to grow sustainably, re-organize around town centers, support our local farmers and keep our state's values intact. Pawlet
Lower taxes, jobs and homes for young families. Weybridge
Working together is less important than achieveing something on your own – Togetherness is the problem – not the solution. Isle La Motte
Need economical power and facilities for industry in Franklin County, and to find the right industry. If raw materials could be brought in and product shipped out, we would have a better quality of life with a shorter commute for labor. This has been happening to some extent with Enosburg Industrial Park, but to no avail so far. Sheldon
Support The Families of middle income america, the back bone of any economy. Winooski
Consider new and better versions of everything from governance to taxation. Reach consensus on generally agreed upon outcomes and design steps to reach them instead of changing plans "midstream" when we aren't having success. Johnson
Convene 6-8 of Vermont's best thinkers from any walk of life. The thinkers should leave their agendas, but not their values, at the door and spend a month of intensive preparation and research, considering likely outcomes. They should collaborate for several days to develop two or three most likely scenarios and the resulting snapshot of Vermont in 5-7 years. Colchester
Communication between groups and with the community at large is the key- we can't afford to waste resources by re-inventing the wheel in each program or town. The larger issues are all related- let's take a broader, community-wide approach to solving them. Fairfield
<To make Vermont a State where all can live and work with a decent income. Giving money to the poor hasn't worked. Find a way to bring back pride to the poor, provide them with the same education the 'good' people get and reduce government so new businesses will offer reasonable jobs. Bradford
Think of ways to diversify the state's reliance on tourism for its revenue while trying to boost tourism (from residents within the state & out of state); focus not on new housing construction but rehabilitating older homes & helping elders find ways to live & age in home (either their current home or a smaller home/apartment); retaining ag land & find ways to put land back into work. Montpelier
economic justice – better jobs and better work conditions conserving the working landscape improving environmental health strengthen communities Wolcott
Education, Jobs and pulling all communities together ~ working together. Franklin
Education where students are in the 80 – 85 percentile, jobs available for local people not "imported" ones, producing more from the land instead of importing our essentials from foreign countries. We have become concerned with tourism than meeting the needs of our people that grew up here and want to stay here. There needs to be more of a balance. Hyde Park
1. Implementing smart growth principles in community centers. 2. Focus on buying local, supporting Vermont made products. 3. Examine alternative transportation options throughout the State. 4. Examine ways to reduce carbon emissions within each household. South Burlington
Protect our environment, Local decision making, Power of people to determine their future Burlington
Enhance the economy, strengthen the tax base, lower the tax burden, create opportunities for young people to thrive (18 to 35 year olds that we are among the lowest in % of population). Create affordable housing. Richmond
Relax some and streamline the permitting process, promote teaching and training of our youth for a productive life. encourage new ideas, promote responsibility for each individual and their families. Bennington
Improve education and job opportunities for the young, particularly in higher paying, technology, and education-oriented work; make certain new populations are welcomed and encouraged; communicate the character of Vermont so our new residents understand what we value here. North Bennington
Maintaining values while joining the 21st century. Marlboro
To have all business,education,and government focus on community service. Programs that develop a innate sense of volunteerism and support for our neighbors throughout our lives in VT. Montpelier
locally owned businesses with community service education that is complementary w/locally owned and creative economic strategies energy efficiency and environ. benign economic development development and fostering of local agriculture Montpelier
energy and food independence ST Johnsbury