What Common Values do Vermonters Share? Town
First of all, everyone I know loves the state. My friends and I love it here and our opinions about the state have intensified positively as we've gotten older. As mentioned before, Rutland is a terrible place for open-minded teenagers such as ourselves. Road trips to Burlington send chills down our spines and leave us longing for the same experience back home. Rutland
Bigotry, seggregation, intollerance, and demeanorism. Sudbury
independent thinkers S. Burlington
no business growth here! People mistakenly believe that the world is what it was 30 years ago. This is 2009 and Vermont is stuck in the distant past. manchester
"Vermonters" ~ who are they? Probably independent spirits. Burlington
Our common values vary but progress towards equality is always been in the forefront of Vermont. Our agreement to support the future of Vermont and be sustainable also brings us common values. Rutland
Although this state is pretty homogenous, Vermonters are tolerant. Live and let live kind of attitude. Vermonters have a strong community. Montpelier
this is a question that is different for each section of the state. In small towns we respond to unexpected needs of people and help them . BETHEL
this is a question that is different for each section of the state. In small towns we respond to unexpected needs of people and help them . BETHEL
Strong community, and sustainable use of our land Burlington
A sense of community where neighbors help those in need. A higher level of participation in community organizations & activities than elsewhere in the nation. Love of the land. Chester
most Vermonters notice that feeling of relief and peace when they return from being away all Vermonters want to live a decent life, want the same for their neighbors, want their lives to be meaningful, fun. we value work. cabot
Love of the land and tolerance for all. Mendon
We share, hard work, small town ethics, and constitutional government. shaftsbury
Independence and sense of place and time. Enjoying the natural beauty that vermont offers. Embracing the many cultures and people. Brownsville
Rural landscape, love of mountains, small government and schools, independence, guaranteed health care and affordable living weathersfield
independence, self-reliance, privacy, sense of place, commitment to living here, strong work ethic, awareness of ourselves as "Vermonters" Marshfield
VT reflects the values that I believe are foundation for healthy/robust state:apprec. for community, support for communial resources(libraries,community ctrs,health care,plow trucks!),cultural vibrancy (via rich,diverse arts/entertainment),fam. support,democracy(accessible government),acknowledged interdependency with natural lands.I think Vermonters share these values. Marshfield
– Individualism. – A love of tromping in the woods, though for vastly different reasons (rednecks for huntin', tree huggers for treehuggin'). – Bafflement with neighboring states. Rockingham
independence, ruggedness, simple courtesy that goes beyond political persuasion Glover
Hard work, enviromentally friendly, concern for thier fellow man and passion that all are done right. Manchester Center
I see a shift of values from my youth. Franklin county seems to be loosing its moral compass. Highgate Springs
tradition love of the land faith love of country Bennington
A love of the landscape, open spaces, green spaces and plenty of trees and relatively undisturbed habitats. Participatory democracy is important to us. We like to have feedback and the opportunity to talk to department heads and elected representatives at every level. Brattleboro
love of the landscape and a sense of keeping some distance from the rest of mainstream America. I think people value the fact that life in Vermont is something that you can largely shape for yourself rather than having it composed of a thousand little conformities to the overwhelming world. Dummerston
A love and respect for the land. A place where growth is seen in the context of human scale as opposed to a corporate vision. A respect for our increasing diversity and a "live and let live" philosophy. Bristol
I am one hundred percent serious while I am saying this , real maple syrup, also sort of maintaining vermont's identity, not changing too much, we are a bit ingrained in our ways. Manchester Center
Living without compromise, without apology, without having to make excuses. Sure, this comes at a price, but it's worth it. South Burlington
Quiet strength of character. Personal responsibility. Caring about community. Fayston
desire for peace and serenity-belief in the Bill Of Rights-self sustainability-neighborliness East Wallingford
The need to work hard to pay high taxes. Tunbridge
preserving the environment; smart, efficient community growth; Middlebury
I think we value the environment and all it has to offer, we also value organic agriculture and the independent farmer, craftsmanship and artistry, and the US Constitution, among other things. These things were my first, most spontaneous thoughts. Halifax
A passion for the environment and conservation – however this is slipping into the older generations, was it always so or is this just perception? We all firmly beleive that we are different and that Vermont is still different – open while being respectful of difference and personal space. Montpelier
Love of their state and care for those in their community. South Burlington
I don't think they share much common values. South Burlington
Keep local industry surviving- sometimes at any cost. Burlington
Most Vermonters enjoy nature and spending time outdoors. I also feel like Vermonters have a love for, and feel a responsibility to the environment. It seems that there are a lot of family generations who stay in Vermont, so a love and respect for family is a common value. Middlebury
Respect for the environment. A slower "soak it in" pace of life. A common apreciation for the journey, not the destination. An apreciation of the know your neighbor mentality. New Haven
I think most of us are looking for a quiet spot to call our own. A pace of life that is productive but not hectic. Dorset
Love of the land. Input in local community issues and activities. High quality education. Doing things their own way. East Hardwick
We value Truth Justice and the american way! winooski
Love of the land. Input in local community issues and activities. High quality education. Doing things their own way. East Hardwick
community life; healthy lifestyles; caring for one another; support literary Brattleboro
Independence. Self-reliance. Friendliness and compassion. Moral integrity. Sense of justice. GUILFORD
A joy of a landscape of small traditional villages, farmed valleys and forested hills. Burlington
Vermonters share a common value that is built on a tremoundous work ethic and appreciation for what this state is able to provide them. They pride themselves on quality of thier life and look to share that with those around them. They support others when ever possible and are very aware of the impact that they have on their surroundings. Newfane
too little — there are two kinds of Vermonters: those who want to work and do things, and those who want to turn over the responsibility of thinking for themselves over to others Rutland
An appreciation for the beauty of the state, the natural resources and working landscape, the smallness, and the community. Wallingford
Independence. A live-and-let-live attitude. An emphasis on community, not conformity. Pride, in our towns, our way of life. A respect for our history, our agricultural legacy. A distrust of centralized/regional land-use planning that, I think, works counter to the other values I just stated (in that it opens to door to the exploitative actions of big-money corporations and developers). Waterbury Center
I don't know if there is such a thing as a 'Vermonter'in such a homogeneous world. My favorite definitively Vermont value is woodchuck-ism – the desire to learn and perform any skill that will save you a buck, without a care for what the neighbors think. Grand Isle
The environment Individuals rights Burlington
hard work, endurance, simplicity, respect, community, creativity. burlington
most of the above, plus respect for different lifesyles Worcester
tolerance, respect, ingenuity castleton
Independence from government Winhall
Independence and self reliance. Bellows Falls
Vermonters remember when community meant neighbors helping neighbors. Brattleboro
Most people living here like the beauty of the state and the relative quiet, lack of traffic jams, etc. But there are wealthy second-homers who are oblivious to the struggles of those of us who work for a living, whether they are "natives" or "non-natives". Brattleboro
Depends on if you talk to native Vermonters, because I don't think Vermonters share a lot of values with the huge portion of the population that are transplants. That said, I think we all share a love of this land, these rolling mountains and valleys of Vermont, and we all want to see it stay relatively the same. Montpelier
There's not enough Vermonter's left to state what common values are shared. Values such as trust have been replaced with locked doors and security systems. Helping one another has been replaced with state and community institutions. Vernon
Other then our heightened awareness of common sense, I think the common values shared amongst Vermonters are similar as those shared by Mankind. Value judgements about people from one state vs. another are in a way a prejudicial statement about out-of-staters. That being said…I'd like to think we here in Vermont are a little ahead of the curve on a lot of different issues. Shelburne
appreciation for the land, ability to do for themselves and innovation Jericho
We value self-sufficiency, hard work, caring about our neighbors, towns and state. West Bridgewater
Vermonters share a sense of place and love of this land. A desire to maintain close ties with family, and a willingness to accept newcomers who respect the traditions and ways of this place. A strong work ethic, honesty and integrity. We mean what we say and we stand by our word. Ferrisburgh
none South Royalton
Vermonters share values of honesty and independence. Vermonters used to do business on a handshake knowing that honesty was one of the highest values one could possess and was apparent throughout the state. We are a hard working, genuine, independent people. Montpelier
1. realize importance of natural beauty 2. realize importance of small towns (and community spirit that goes with them) 3. generally development is NOT the only answer Berlin
I think there is a dicotomy between woodchucks and flatlanders and as such there are really no common values per se. I think Vermonts do tend to fool themselves and think that they have a corner on common sense and world matters, but I find that they are very provincial in their outlook and not well informed on matters that do not pertain to their country and the world in general. Randolph
Ecological stewardship — to some that means abstaining from development; to others, development done responsibly. Community Spirit — valuing your neighbors and your community. Respect for basic rights and freedoms — everyone feels passionately about this subject, but yet there are wide interpretations about what this means. Milton
A citizenry committed to community and a sense that we're in this together, while respecting individuality. Work ethic. Middlesex
respect for diverse opinions and ways of life, contributing to society, open dialogue. montpelier
Community, self reliance and determination. Burlington
Concern for an appreciation of Vermont's natural resources; frugality and independent-mindedness; the ability to pull together; willingness to bicker with your neighbors and then sit down together afterwards to a bowl of hot chili (town meeting; social capital). Essex
Most folks value family, and work hard to provide for those families; taking care of the environment, of conserving and recycling. Most Vermonters support their community by supporting neighbors, rather than sitting on boards and councils. I hope this project finds a way to reach those neigborhood heroes, because they are the heart and soul of this state. Hardwick
I am not sure that Vermonters these days share many common values anymore. However, I think if Vermont is going to weather the current challenges it faces, Vermonters must come to share the common values that are defined in our state constitution and accept a lot more personal responsibility and tolerance& respect for the inherent rights of others. Lowell
Respect for the natural environment and each other. Concern about the well-being of each other. Vermonters overall are generous with their time and money. Middlebury
belief that our natural and built environment is closely linked; belief that we can still work together to keep our part of the world sane. Burlington
Respect for individual rights, freedom of religion, care for the environment and respect for nature Colchester
Most Vermonters care about the environment and maintenance of our dairy and sugaring heritage. There are fewer blindly patriotic people here than elsewhere in the country, but enough to make war a divisive issue, and memorials to the fallen the most common form of public art (rather depressing given all the inventive and creative Vermonters of the past 2.5 centuries). Essex
Independence (this may not serve us well in the long run!) Commitment to Education Community wellbeing (including an emphasis on Service to the Community) Appreciation of the Natural Environment Burlington
Previously an independent spirit of self dependence. Generally now, a dependence on governement largess for the many, by the few. Winhall
I think many Vermonters value community involvement, citizenship and stewardship of the land. They also are willing to accept a high cost of living for the safety and beauty of the State. Burlington
Appreciation for the environment, a desire to live more simply, and, traditionally, there has been a very strong sense of tolerance. Burlington
We used to be a hard working, ethical, conservative people. There are still many hard-working and ethical people here, but we are now one of the more leftist/ liberal states in the nation. Socialism (read Progressiveism)is a bad form of government for freedom-loving people, and we are creeping toward it here. Grand Isle
intelligence Burlington
strong work ethic, a sense of community Lunenburg VT
Community Involvment, Volunteer, Be part of your Community Morrisville
Strong heritage of sturdy and adaptable residents capable of surviving the best and worst of times,…. added to by a significant population of more affluent newcomers attracted for sports, retirement, second homes….. but, generally NOT for jobs or economic opportunity. The latecomers are more likely to be overprotective. The "natives" are more likely to want opportunity. Rutland
Vermonters tend to be friendly to those they know and with that they are helpful. Native Vermonters, especially farmers, tend to be hard-working and dedicated to their profession. Many Vermonters are family oriented, especially in the Burlington areas, as you can observe in various family community projects. Burlington
Community, sharing, hard work, good ethics, a sense of fun Charlotte, VT
Kindness and caring for those within and around our communities with a mind that we're all in this together. See first answer… burlington
Honesty, commitment and a strong work ethic Franklin
Love and respect for nature, space (meaning less of a city life), keeping things natural. Most Vermonters I have known are very hard workers and dedicated to their careers, although their jobs may not pay well. Orwell
isolation Rochjester
independence and cooperativeness and interdependence. Representatives are accessible so we tend to believe we have a right and obligation to speak up. plainfield
Community minded yet still private and independent. Socially conscious and concerned about the environment. Berlin
independence, freedom, democracy, community, family, helping those most in need Montpelier
love of history and open spaces; interest in tradition and an entrepreneurial attitude; desperate need for equality MIddlebury
Not so sure. Fairlee
Participatory democracy at the local level, some amount of land-sharing, ie non-posted land, though this is changing. Committment to political issues as complex and as personal. Burlington
Vermonters share values for plain talk, green spaces, honesty and personal freedom. Nearly all of us enjoy the outdoors, "creamies," and maple syrup. We value mountain scenery, privacy and approachable Legislature and Governor. we appreciate WCAX TV and are proud of Shelburne Museum, Green Mountain Coffee and whether or not we agree with their politics, Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Berlin
It depends on income class. Most place a high value on keeping VT as it has been. Charlotte
Enjoyment of our natural setting New Haven
I find that most Vermonters value their immediate neighborhood/town community. Burlington
Faith in God, love of the land, honesty, integrity, frugality, and spirit of independence in decision making. Newbury
A long long time ago Vermonter's used to have a mind your business and I'll mind mine attitude. They didn't much care what other people did so long as others minded their own as well. Today, this whole place has gotten preachy. Not everybody is gay, or an environmentalist, or a Marxist so please, try not to indoctrinate in law your individual secular humanist beliefs. Ludlow
I fear that we are becoming more and more divided, but I believe that we do still share a basic love for the land and people. While some are fighting to save babies by ending abortion, others are working hard to end domestic violence. All these people oppose violence & cherish life, but they too often see themselves as enemies of each other. Randolph
As a Vermonter I value supporting a healthy, moral and safe lifestyle. I support a constitutional amendment to maintain marriage as a union between one man and one woman. I support laws that ban late term abortions. I support a ban on marijuana and other regulated drugs (except for prescriptions). I support an individual's right to pray when and where he/she wishes to – but not required prayer. Williamstown
Independance, religious freedom, Town Meeting, frugality, strong communities, less government intervention, pride. Fairlee
Independence, Intelligence, Skepticism, Generosity, Stubborness, Honesty Rutland
A general appreciation of the physical landscape and the enjoyment of same seems to be universal.Some have a sense that our federal government is out of control, unresponsive to us and does not refelct the values that we would like the USA to refelct. MONTPELIER
Common sense, value of work and health, citizen power vs. corporate power Barnet
care for one another; a sense of community; sensitivity for the environment Pittsford
I hope Vermonters share the common values of simplicity, self-reliance, responsibility, healthy families, and love of land and nature. Middlebury
I think Vermonters love the different venues in entertainment, education, and health care. However, the employment sector sucks. Danville
Their love of nature. Most Vermonters cannot stand large cities and love living almost in the wilderness. Mount Holly
They love and care about their community. White River Jct.
Independence. Vermonters think of themselves as independent and this is reflected in our politics. We elect not by party but by person. This is especially true with the election of Bernie Sanders and the changing of parties by Jim Jeffords. Newport
As I've seen it, this really depends on the Vermonters. The most common values have been the need for freedom, sustainable/affordable living, and the availability of healthly choices. Burlington
hard to say, i dont agree with the "don't change anything mentallity"because i will see a lioght or windmill, but there still has to be growth or we all die, we cam't all be framers, enviormentalist or 100% green Lyndon
practicality, thrift, independence, helpfulness, integrity RANDOLPH
A community poised on the cusp of possibilities, a citizen base that is building a 21st century culture that is rooted in Vermont values of "freedom and unity" self-sufficiency and can do and will do for ourselves first, tapping global resources when necessary, but caring for ourselves first, a model of a social/economic, environmental system that is fair, just, healthy for all. Montpelier
None. There can never be common values that everyone shares. There are needs and wants that many people would like, such as roads but there are others who would say the potholes on their dirt road keep the traffic down to a good speed. If anything, summarized elsewhere: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Newport
an idea of independence but no longer much clarity regarding what that means Glover
Good question. I am not sure. I am a flatlander living here for nine years. However, I do not share most of the demographics of my fellow flatlanders. I actually moved to Vermont without a trust fund or a pension. What was I thinking? Barnet
quality of life excellent education high quality accessible health care peacefulness safety Bridgewater
We care about our families, the environmant, who and how we govern. Burlington
Open fields and beautiful mountains. Freedom to chose how to live one's life. Accepting of other people who have different ideas, beliefs (generally speaking). Peace. Pride in our heritage, i.e. early ban on slavery. Education, health and healthcare. Weathersfield
community, love of family, respect for hard work, love of the land, common sense (for the most part), desire for self-determination, wanting to keep the best things from the past while carefully planning for the future. Weathersfield
It seems to me that all Vermonters share the values of acceptance, dignity, hardwork, independence, and preserving our beautiful state. Danby
Independence, tolerance (usually) for those who think differently or represent other races, etc. A love of the outdoors. Interest in governance and a desire for fairness. Many people share "liberal" values. Jericho
honest, hard-working, caring for the environment, appreciative of Vermont's great beauty, sense of community and helping others Norwich
Independence, thrift, tolerance, community, stewardhsip of the land South Burlington
Being the big fish by keeping the pond small. Warren Gore
I believe vermonters all share the belief of preserving the heritage and beauty of the state, and creating more opportunities for this state to become better than it's neighbors. Essex junction
Not certain at this time…..it seems there are less values everywhere including Vermont – Time to get back to the basics in life, community….. South Burlington
Native-born or flatlander, all Vermonters are proud of our state's independent ideas and actions and our sense of community and interconnectedness. Most Vermonters welcome new people and ideas from all over the world, but sadly some have embraced hate instead (the “Take Back Vermont” crowd). Burlington
A concern for the environment. A responsibility to take care of our earth and our communities. And the initiative to help – the concept that one person can make a difference. I think Vermont has one of the highest concentrations of these types of people as there are anywhere in the world. Proctor
1.appreciation&inclusion-which goes BEYOND TOLERANCE! b/c tolerance assumes one's own superiority; 2.independence(individuality&leaving others alone) & interdependence 3.love of learning; 4.VT wit; 5.respect of others&environment; 6.small scale; 7.[social] honesty(lack of corruption) Burlington
A desire to keep Vermont clean and somewhat "bullshit" free; we don't want Billboards, Big box stores, or any more violence/drugs to take over our towns. Ripton
love of nature, self-responsibility, altruism, democracy Cabot
Good family values, a peaceful and serene place to live and communities of caring individuals Sheffield
The state motto "Freedom & Unity" first comes to mind in a live and let live sort of way. I like how most (still not all by any means) Vermonters – transplants or native born – were the first to establish a civil union law, Vermonters began and still practice good environmental ways, exhibited through Green Up Day. Barre
I think Vermonters value resourcefulness and helpfulness. I think most Vermonters are concerned about the common good, that is, considerate of one's neighbor and looking out for future generations. Cornwall
Community is important and so valuing each member and treating them equally. Equal access to marriage, health care and housing. Rutland
individual freedoms yet cohesive communities, property rights yet open landscapes, making a living yet paying low prices, family farms yet low-cost food, small towns yet suburban neighborhoods, church street marketplace yet big box stores, clean environment yet driving all over, open space yet 5 acre zoning, swimming in the lake yet ample parking lots Richmond
I think all Vermonters share a respect for others and value diversity. Clarendon
Vermonters value respect for individual liberty, respect for all people, embracing creativity and diverse hearts and minds. Rochester
Independence, tolerance, acceptance and a quirky way of taking leaps socially such as the civil union passage in 2000 Cabot
Hard work for real vermonters westminster
People like to keep to themselves but are willing to help when they can. Hartford
Independence Addison
Independence, self-sufficiency, privacy, and diversity acceptance. My fellow community members may not be effusive, but I trust them and work with them on many issues of importance that we share. Rutland
See question #1. Westford
Conservatism, simplicity of life, security, hope for the future. Brandon
independence brandon
Open mindedness when educated to social issues S. Burlington
As people try to control how I use my land, what kind of business I run on my own land, how much water I can use, even what temperature I can store the hot water in my own home, whether I can get cell phone service, whether a road can be straightened, I have come to doubt whether we do share any values whatsoever. eden
Years ago I would have said "community" but I think interest in "community" has weakened significantly. We have become much more polarized and and partisan, with the result that we don't get the best and brightest to enage in community and politics. Newport City
Independence – fine – but not in fragmenting the state's education "system" into far too many tiny school systems with inadequate resources and low teacher salaries. burlington
I believe Vermonters share a common value around preserving the quality of life in our state. I believe Vermonters hold "independent spirit" as a common value and take pride in our state's often quirky record in this arena. For the most part, I think Vermonters share a common value around the dignity and worth of all humans, and appreciating the value of diversity. Brattleboro
They value individual liberty and social responsibility for a diverse community. They also value the environment and participatory government and a rich cultural life. Burlington
I'm not sure we are homogeneous enough to answer. Values I hope we share are honesty, doing your share, live and let live. Winooski
We value the land, our neighbors, our democratic rights, and the Green Mountain Boys. Pawlet
Hmm. Not many. There are two strongly conflicting cultures and sets of values here: loony left and sober realism. The kids, always perceptive and creative, used to label members of these two cultures "preps and rednecks." Weybridge
I have no idea – Most politically active Vermonters have no values worth sharing. Isle La Motte
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness Winooski
Sense of place Schedule governed by the seasons Interdependence Hard work Johnson
Many Vermonters share an optimitstic hands-on attitude that insists that problems are fixable, and that we are the ones to fix them- if we could only agree on how…but for many, basic survival is taking up most of our energy and time, so their voices aren't often heard. Fairfield
True Vermonters appreciate individuality. They are kind to their neighbors, tend to their own business, invest countless hours in their community and never gossip. Bradford
A commitment to much of the above & independence. Montpelier
respect for land desire to hold onto traditional livelihoods live and let live, don't interfere in others' lives self-sufficiency and independence Wolcott
The small town communities. Neighbors helping neighbors! Franklin
True Vermonters are scarce. They would share all they had. Each community was like a large family getting together for a community supper, chatting, laughing. Today people keep more to themselves and values have changed. Hyde Park
A sense of community and support for other Vermonters. South Burlington
Do unto others, protect the landscape, balance the forces of capitalism with common sense. Burlington
The true Vermonters value fierce independence, freedom, and the environment. The new Vermonters (the imported trust fund liberals) value socialism and regulation cloaked as concern for the environment. Richmond
Vermont's beauty and its rural nature. Bennington
Knowing (not thinking) that less is more, thinking ahead about energy issues, appreciating solitude. Marlboro
Independence, town meeting and decision making in communities. Local control, small scale, and willingness to help, with a yankee stubbornness and self-reliance. Montpelier
Vermonters seem to have a common awareness of being in this particular place. They seem to have agreed to be identified with this place, and there is often a high sense of volunteerism, or participation. Montpelier
Independence. ST Johnsbury