What does Vermont mean to you? Town
Vermont is an oasis in my mind. I see and hear about the rest of country facing unprecedented turmoil, yet I see no traces here. Yes, the occasional abandonment of a building occurs, but do I see foreclosure signs to my left and to my right? No. I see stability, honesty, community, and the beautiful green mountains. I love this state. It's just a shame I live in Rutland. Rutland
It used to mean wholesome values, a friendly neighborly attitude & courtesy. It used to mean there was kindness & respect for the culture, the land, and way of life here. I now have surcumbed to the fact that this was all for show. Visit, but don't stay. Sudbury
Family history of summers here. S. Burlington
high taxation, expensive food, expensive housing, etc. You can't live off beautiful landscapes and someone else's farms. VERY limited future for graduates or professionals here. manchester
Vermont is my Home, has been for 8 generations, and all three of my children live here. Vermont, for me, means the potential for the kind of Home I had as a child to be available for my children's children. Burlington
Vermont means to me the ability to have "otherness" living and prospuring all in one community. It means to take pride in doing what is right for all instead of selfishly being concerned with your self. It means to have unwavering pride and boastfully speaking to those who don't know about us. Rutland
Special place, untouch, tranquil, colorful place to live and to raise a family and that's exactly what I did. Montpelier
We came to live year round to escape the negatives of suburban life- noise drugs traffic and crowed schools . It was cultural shock for my older son but prepared him well for the outside world. We made the right choice and i am 6th generation to live here. My children now have the beat of two worlds good jobs in city and here for vacations! BETHEL
We came to live year round to escape the negatives of suburban life- noise drugs traffic and crowed schools . It was cultural shock for my older son but prepared him well for the outside world. We made the right choice and i am 6th generation to live here. My children now have the beat of two worlds good jobs in city and here for vacations! BETHEL
Vermont for me is synonymous with strong community, beautiful rural landscapes, a deep tradition of working the land, with socially and politically progressive population centers throughout the state Burlington
A special place where our family chose to live in 1982. It offers natural beauty, peace & quiet & a vibrant arts & literary community. Although income levels are slightly below the national average, the trade off in quality of life is worth while. Chester
home; where i have raised my children; where i'm connected. within it's borders it feels peaceful – a very noticeable feeling upon returning cabot
Vermont is a getaway from overcrowded, stress-filled Southern New England. It is a pastoral retreat where nature and natural beauty is a priority. It is a state that doesn't judge you — everyone just wants to live the life they choose. Mendon
Vermont is a beautiful state being strangled by high taxes and a stifling regulatory environment leading to the departure of our best and brightest to states where there are real opportunities. Walden
Enjoying the more simple aspects of life; mountains, the sky, the weather & all its changes, the wild animals, my neighbors & friends. Vermont closely aligns with my own set of personal values as mother/wife, a citizen and volunteer of my community and an outdoor enthusiast. Brownsville
A rural farming state focusing on sustainability and home-grown renewable energy, with small clean modern businesses, vibrant towns and villages and contained sprawl. More grassroots and volunteer participation in community efforts and activities weathersfield
Living every day with history, the farms down the road, always aware of landscape, friends on my hill, always looking at sky and seeing weather change, working on my old house, a tomato from my vegetable garden, wild turkeys crossing dirt road, blue mountains always in distance, quiet Marshfield
VT means Home.I've lived in 5 states, 4 countries, and traveled the world. VT's the only place in the world that so closely aligns with my own values as mother, professional, recreationalist, homeowner & citizen.It takes a village to raise a healthy/responsible/happy/ productive steward-citizen.I believethat VT has many resources avail. to help in raising my son to be this person. Marshfield
It means "Green Mountains" to the French, and that's good enough for me. Rockingham
home. Glover
Green mountains, fresh air, opportunity, community, helping others to help themselves. Manchester Center
Vermont to me, means family and rural scenic beauty. A slower pace to life and until recently a relatively safe crime free living. Highgate Springs
majestic,colorful,clean,unspoiled,natural. openminded,unassuming,logical,frugal,traditional. Bennington
Vermont is an appropriate scale for those of us who don't want to be in large or medium cities. Our towns are not overstuffed or uniform. They are charming and user friendly. VT is community oriented and democratic. We figure out challenges and issues by talking to neighbors. Brattleboro
rural working landscapes, agriculture and forestry, small communities, honest politics, engaged citizens, woodsmoke, colored leaves, farmhouse kitchens Dummerston
Sustainability on many levels: our land, our economy, our relationships to each other Bristol
It means community, there aren't many other states out there were no matter where you go, you know someone. Manchester Center
It's the place you move to the second time around, when you're ready to get it right. South Burlington
Instead of High Taxes: a place where people contribute more for the common good. Fayston
everything-it is where i truely came to a higher and full cognition of the natural,social,and political world around me and inspires me to fight against right wing,fascist elements that now seek to destroy that world East Wallingford
High taxes Tunbridge
great place to raise a family. simpler way of life. beautiful environment. high taxes Middlebury
Vermont means: "The Green Mountain" State… literally. And that is what it means to me. I love that even our license plates are green! When I think of my Vermont home, I think of the natural environment first. When I am asked what state I am from, I am always proud to say "Vermont". This is a free thinking state, and I am grateful to live here. Halifax
A reprieve from the repetition of culture found in many other states. An opportunity to be engaged in your local community and in State government – we are still small enough. A place where the landscape – for now – is still the dominant feature rather than human development and engineering Montpelier
The Vermont way of life is creative and thinking outside of the box. I hope that it will continue and be encouraged rather than discouraged with negativity. There is a lot of hope for the future within the State. Vermopnters need to be asked to contribute, as they tend to hold back and not talk unless they have something to say. Norma Wales Isle La Motte
Vermont is a truly unique state that provides a home for people who put quality of life and quality of people before material wealth. South Burlington
Vermont to me is the slow, remote state that it is. It is disconnected to the states nearby when it could be closer to them. There is little stimulation for young people here. South Burlington
I am new to Vermont. Moved here 1 year ago. Initially I was struck by the "Buy Local" idea. I support this notion- but didn't understand it until now. Vermonters help Vermonters survive. I now work for the City of Burlington and am a full time temp employee making $15 a hour with no health insurance. I wish the higher level of Vermont (political level) would help this Vermonter survive! Burlington
A place where people live without much extravagance. People can live very well, but without the need for all of the metropolitian busy-ness. It's a place where you can live comfortably with a beautiful nature kingdom at your front door. Middlebury
VT was such a great place to grow up that I decided to make a go of it here raising my own family. Vt it the most beautiful place I have ever been. It has four distinct seasons, all of which I love. My dad always said…"live somewhere you would want to go on vacation. that way you don't always feel like you need to get away" New Haven
A safe and undisturbed place. A great place to be born, grow up, and raise a family. Where we are forced to deal with the hardships and the benefits of 4 very distinct seasons. Dorset
Home. The most beautiful place in the world. East Hardwick
Vermont, means home, clean air, friendly people, no billboards, local products, a vibrant and participatory community. It also means progressive views, and a strong sense of equality, and social justice for all. winooski
Home. The most beautiful place in the world. East Hardwick
Pristine environment; community life; e-state; strong libraries Brattleboro
Home. A rural state of exceptional beauty but limited economic opportunity. GUILFORD
Vermont is a place where communities value a connection to their landscape as well as their neighbors. Burlington
Having recently moved back home to the west river valley I have realized that Vermont is very much a part of who I am as a person. My family has been in this area for many generations ans there is no other place in the world I would consider calling home. Newfane
too much government interference in business and private lives, a legislature enmired in a perverse interest in private sexuality Rutland
Vermont is a gem. When you cross the borders into the state you know you are not in anywhere USA. However, Vermont is at a crossroad. Due to increased growth and development, Vermont's traditional values and land use patterns are changing. We are at risk of losing our unique identity and rural character. Wallingford
Vermont is a deep breath. To me, it's one of the last sane places in the union. By that I mean that Vermont exists on a human scale, with human values: you not only know your neighbors, you care about them. You know the owners of the businesses you frequent. You know where your food comes from. And when you disagree, you do so respectfully, and then go out for a beer. Waterbury Center
Sanctity. Having traveled extensively throughout the US, I am amazed by how other communities have been redefined with or without their consent. Vermont still serves as a full sensory refuge for me, and I feel inspired to protect it. Grand Isle
A forward thinking community of people with roots in the past… a gorgeous inspirational landscape. Put the two together and you have a great place to be an artist and to riase a family. Burlington
a place to call home. community. taking care of each other and the environment. making a good meal. maple syrup. cold rivers. apples. green mountains and blue sky. the comfort of clouds, and people who know how to seize a sunny day. burlington
inexpensive lifesyle whereby art can flourish, body can see beauty, breath good air, drink pure water, have plenty of firewoods, garden, bird and moose watching, silence Worcester
character,green,mountains,beautiful roads and vistas,small,authentic,it has unique advantageous,friendly,assessable… hard to be politically correct all the time because it creates and promotes the individual…always two sides to every issue…hence Act 250 Guilford
a unique place where there is a spirit of open-ended possibility and a tradition of resourcefulness castleton
Freedom and natural beauty Winhall
Vermont is my home and a place that allows me to raise my family in a safe and healthy environment Bellows Falls
The story is told of the traveler who stopped at the first service station in Vermont on a rainy night to replace a defective windshield wiper. The attendant told him he did not have that type of wiper blade; the station ahead would. The driver asked for a fill up anyway. The attendant said, no, that wouldn't be right to have his neighbor just replace the wiper. Brattleboro
Home. I've lived here all my adult life – forty years – and came here to stay with my brother before that.A place saner than a lot of the this country. It's a relatively quieter and safer place than many. We haven't locked our doors in the forty years since I've been here. It means woods, not malls. Though there are exceptions, most people here are pretty accepting of each other. Brattleboro
Vermont means green mountains, cool summers, long winters, small communities, friendly poeple, good food, great place to raise kids, environmental awareness, small farms. It also means expensive heating bills, high taxes, cars that rust too quick, low wages, and disgruntled natives. But I love this place, and I can't imagine calling any other place home. Montpelier
+ An independent, rural state with a great sense of community and helping your neighbors. Vernon
Vermont is home. Vermont always means more to me inside when I return home then when I left. Vermont is worth the effort. Shelburne
Rural, agricultral, small town, safety/low crime, should be leaders in the "green" movement Jericho
It's a SANE place to live. It's still rural with a self-sufficient ethic that has allowed us to live reasonably sustainable lives. West Bridgewater
Vermont is a beautiful, accepting and safe place to be who I really am. It is a place to connect with other people who are caring of the environment, community and family, people who share my concerns and values. Vermont is my home. Ferrisburgh
high taxes, to many entitlements, can't afford to stay here South Royalton
Being a fifth generation Vermonter, Vermont means quality to me, a sense of neighborliness, genuiness and independence. These hills cradle the lives of people who strive to be in contact with nature as well as others and their work. I believe it is this relationship with nature that sets Vermont apart from other states. Montpelier
1. not too-far-gone already in terms of sprawl — we can still be smart about it 2. excellent access to, and infrastructure for, outdoor recreation 3. very good attitude towards community 4. excellent attitude towards preservation of small towns 4. excellent natural beauty Berlin
I enjoy my annonimity and the privacy that Vermont provides me. I love being able to step out of my home and into the forest and hear nothing but the babbling brook at the bottom of the hill, the critters, and the rustling of the trees. Randolph
Vermont means a place where my values are the same as those people around me … ecological stewardship, community spirit, respect for basic rights and freedoms. And a slower way of life with the conveniences of urban areas nearby. Milton
A beautiful place to live mostly unspoiled by suburban sprawl, big box stores and malls. A citizenry more committed to community and a sense that we're in this together, while respecting individuality, than the rest of the U.S. Middlesex
Vermont is a special place. It means freedom, tolerance, consideration for neighbors, care for children and stewardship of the land and natural resources. montpelier
Though it's rapidly changing, it's rural dairy country like where I grew up (which is gone), small towns, neighboring farms, knowing our neighbors and most townspeople, good local racetracks. Town meetings are essential. Fayston
Independent, industrious, frugal, agricultural, environmentally aware, proactive and cautious. Burlington
A chance to live a good life, among other independent-minded people who are willing to cooperate when the going gets tough. Vermont represents the opportunity for responsible stewardship of natural resources, creative problem solving, and progress toward a future that benefits current residents and preserves a world worth handing to our children. Essex
Vermont means clean air, friendly neighbors, safety, environmental awareness. Vermont is a place that visitors escape to, and residents are happy to come home to. It means care – for each other, for the land, for our civil liberties, human rights and social justice. That is the ideal, though we have some work to do. Hardwick
Vermont means home to me. I have only lived away from here for 7 years of my life and never intend to leave again. When I was very young growing up on a dairy farm in Weybridge, Vermont meant community, family & cooperation to me. There was safety & security in knowing your neighbors and sharing a common caring for the community & state we lived long side each other in. Lowell
Progressive thinking people. Rural living. Smallness. East Montpelier
Vermont is a special state – small, rural, with some of the best natural beauty in the country. People look out for one another and the majority care about their community. It is a place where you can really become involved at any level, whether it be politics or a local organization. Middlebury
Vermont means tolerance and respect for all living things. Vermont means independence and leadership. Vermont means a high quality of life for all. Burlington
Creative; tolerant; community-oriented; small; forests; familiar; settled; beautiful; hills; cold; neighborly; meetings; slowly changing; snow; water; historic. Burlington
Knowing my neighbors, room to stretch, green politics, living in paradise, hiking up mountains, using my brain Colchester
A place with a rich and proud history, plenty of forest and water for recreation, and open-minded, generally progressive people. It is also a place under attack by developers out to make a quick buck. Essex
It means the place where my family is, the place I hope to live for the rest of my life. It is the physical landscape and it is the communities. Burlington
A politically active state that has lost its compass as to what provides for the needs of its people – governement or jobs. Winhall
Vermont is a small state where small changes have a big impact. It's a state where community involvement is encouraged, where there is a forum for your voice to be heard by your neighbors and government. It's a place with the potential to make brave choices and influence the nation (e.g. civil unions). Burlington
Vermont means a great deal to me. I was born in Vermont it is a beautiful state.I always look foward to showing off Vermont when I get company from out of town.I have traveled some but find I just love taking back roads in Vermont and enjoy the lakes,brooks,rivers ext.Vermont is a excellent place to take the time and smell the Roses. Peg Crowley St.Albans, Vt.
Vermont has an (ineffable) integrity manifested in its natural geography and, historically, how it was developed:. I can feel a difference when I cross the border into neighboring states. There is something intrinsically nurturing about Vermont, some thing so complete. Burlington
As a native Vermonter, I do not want the state to lose the rural character and sense of community I experienced growing up here. I think we are experiencing more urban problems (like drugs and gangs), and that's too bad. Also, we are becoming a State of the very rich and the poor. I feel the middle class is shrinking. We are being taxed to death. Grand Isle
A strong work ethic and a love for the environment. I do think, however, that we are less considerate of each other than we used to be. I hear more foul language and experience more rudeness in public places. Grand Isle
A great place to live Burlington
I grew up in NH and moved to VT a couple of years ago. The amount of culture that is here is amazing. I feel that the people in Vermont care more about their surroundings and are more proactive than in my former state. I love that. Lunenburg VT
Vermont is a place where I can live peacfully. A place where no matter where you look all you can see is the green mountains. Vermont is my home! Morrisville
It is a chosen place to live because of the beauty of the landscape, the sense of community and the people whom , as different as we can be, pretty much accept one another. Weathersfield
. A clean and beautiful environment. Semi isolation from the masses of urban problems and population. General safety. Absence of massive traffic jams. A generous and caring population…. particularly in smaller towns and cities. Rutland
Vermont is, well, the green state. It is environmentally friendly and consistently works to sustain that. Vermont is a natural state with many outdoor activities and getaways. What Vermont means to me: fresh air on a warm, sunny day! Burlington
Vermont is a rural area that allows diversity while maintaining many of the Old New England values. There are many small towns that are still communities that work together and care about everyone in it. Charlotte, VT
Sensible, character-driven ideals crafted through ingenuity, integrity and common experiences. Small, local-driven communities shaped by hard-work, artistic and fun-loving sensibilities that appreciate and embrace the landscape. An understanding and acceptance of certain realities and determination to deal, and not live in denial of them. burlington
Open space and safe living Franklin
It means a state of natural beauty and home! I have lived here all of my life and will cherish it forever. Vermont is a very unique State. People are much closer here and value their home more than people of other States (in my opinion). Vermont also means a State that respects forests, wildlife, and other natural beauties. Orwell
I would leave tomorrow if I could sell my home Rochjester
small, independent, humane, progressive, lots of support for all kinds of creativity. cool-cold. Not a lot of racial, cultural diversity Hidden poverty. some of the housing i have been in in Barre is shockingly inadequate and dangerous. We are lucky to border on another country. People are a little reserved (too much sometimes for my tastes.) plainfield
Localism, friendly neighbors, melting pot, respect for one another, respect for one's privacy and individualism, community centered. Berlin
my chosen home/state and good quality of life. no place else I would want to live. Montpelier
Vermont is thoughtful, cranky, full of spectacular scenery. Sadly its full of residents who are sometimes bitter and antagonistic towards differing opinions. MIddlebury
Vermont is imbedded in forest with sufficient rain to be a good filter for air and supports agriculture. The sparse population helps keep us self sufficient. We less corrupt so far, but fading fast. We need a strong code of civil conduct and the local support structures to maintain the community members regardless of infractions. Fairlee
Vermont is where I grew up and came back to live, at least for now. Vermont is a very beautiful place, and is also livable. Burlington
Vermont is the place of my birth; and that of my father's ancestors. I have lived and worked outside of Vermont, but New England and especially Vermont has always been the center of the universe as far as my family. I returned here to have my kids and raise them. Berlin
It is a lovely rural place with an incredible resentment toward anyone who has not grown up in VT, even though statistics show that those moving into the state have a higher annual income than natives. It is a state that seems to believe it can afford anything, It also has a substantial and deep-rooted negative attitude about business. Charlotte
Vermont is the State of my birth and choice of residence. New Haven
Openness, independence, alternatives, acceptance, vibrancy, bright prospects. Burlington
Vermont is home, a place to work, and a place to share with others who are willing to commit to a simpler life style and who value the independent spirit. It is a beautiful place that offers relaxation after a hard day at the office, in the fields, or at school. Newbury
A place where most of the people know no bounds for what's an appropriate place for their politics – please, keep you lefty politics out of the classroom. A place that is on the fast road to financial disaster. A place where the best and brightest leave and the stoned under achievers flock. Ludlow
A beautiful state to raise our family. A place where the average person's voice still counts. Randolph
I have seen many changes, many for the worse. Vermont means a safe place where teachers, parents and public officials are respected – not anymore. Where the rural nature of VT is not snuffed out by development and "tourist attractions." Where legislators know that doing the right thing is more important than re-election. Williamstown
Vermont is home as I grew up here. It means less government intervention, conservative principles, communities, common sense solutions, freedom. That is not what it has become and I am very distressed about the shift to liberal, government controlled ideals. Fairlee
Vermont is my little life boat in a sea of national insanity. Rutland
Vermont's physical nature is one of it's greatest assets.Balanced political nature.Low population rate and it's small communities are wonderful.Healthy climate appeals to me.Low pollution rates .Our acces to our federal, state and local representatives is a real asset as you get to feel you are involved. MONTPELIER
I just attended the annual meeting of the Preservation Trust of Vermont held in Brandon. The auditorium was filled with positive exciting people from all walks of life. They have preserved and renewed towns all over Vermont, with both wisdom and a sense of humor. Thanks go to all who are in love with this State and doing something about it. Norma Wales Isle La Motte
Best place in the world to live, freedom and community, clean, beautiful, organic Barnet
open land, clean air and water and traditional values Pittsford
Vermont means a place where good citizenship, common sense, hard work, neighborliness, individualism and a free-spirit are common values; where voicing your choice may make a difference. It's a beautiful landscape of woods, fields, mountains, hollows, where resilient, resourceful people are figuring out mundane or creative ways to make a living. Middlebury
The variety of town/city/rural sizes are definitely attractive to me as well as the differences in altitude and proximity to Canada. Danville
Vermont is a place I call home, it is a peaceful, green, and non-industrial state. Mount Holly
A place where my parents brought me to escape New York City. Its a place I call home and will call home for the rest of my life. Newport
Returning here after living in Arizona for ten years gave me a sense of how valuable real Vermont honesty, trust, and freedom are. Vermont means community and life. It also means the health of nature, which needs to be respected. Burlington
green mountains, fresh air and lo stress lifestyle Lyndon
The comments at your forum in connection with Arts Achievement Day seemed to have an unmentioned underlying reality – an important part of what makes VT special is the absence of hordes of people! Keeping it that way is vital. 250 characters guarantees nothing substantive. Moretown
Natural beauty, remote, unique, either way ahead of its time or out of touch–not sure which. perhaps both. RANDOLPH
My home, my children's home, a state with people – conservative, liberal, young, old, who care deeply, passionately, totally about this little patch of hard scrabble earth that is rich beyond words. where we have hope that our future will not be mainstream America's future, Montpelier
Rural, and 10 years behind the times in technology. Fishing great areas, nice Summers, horrible Winters. Low paying employment for the same skill set paying more elsewhere. Newport
it means a safe place for my family Brighton
small can be beautiful but challenges remain. skilled workforce lacking. rural portions of the state lacking liveable wage employment. fuel costs prohibitive even for middle class. Glover
Good question. I am not sure. I have lived here for nine years. I plan to stay Barnet
Rural landscapes, progressive values, small communities, future oriencted people, a place for wildlife as well as people. Washington
Beautiful safe friendly well cared for Bridgewater
A dynamic place to live, raise a family and know many people. Burlington
The best place in the country to live. There is a connectedness with other Vermonters, farmers, people in different walks of life. The arts are easily accessible. There are some very good social services. We can try things out on a small scale and be an example for the rest of the country. We have a great impact politically on the rest of the US. Outstanding care for children and elders. Weathersfield
Democr.can actually work, at least sometimes. Small enough to know your legislators/officials. Unspoiled landscapes. Love of outdoors, small farms, forests, wildlife, small vibrant cities, downtown revitaliz. Need better public trans, afford. hsing, univers. healthcare. For many it's hard to earn a living. Most are frugal. Some move here from away and try to change what is good Weathersfield
Independence, freedom,& diversity,this is what Vermont means to me.Vermont contains the best of two worlds, meaning that it is both charmingly historical,and yet it is also helping to lead the United States into the 21st century.Vermont is aiding in the movement that is pushing for equalizing the rights of all people, not just some. Danby
I love this state, and it's the only place in the USA I'd want to live.The scenic beauty and the climate (yes, the winter too)are pleasing to me, and I think there are an incredible number of interesting people here – people of integrity who care about the environment, the state, the world. Jericho
I feel very lucky to have lived in Vermont for almost 30 years. Outside of Hawaii, it is as close to heaven as you can get. I feel safe and appreciated here, which (as a member of the LGBT community) is wonderful. Norwich
Vermont is a bucolic, safe, independent, liberal, beautiful, tolerant and interesting place to live. The scale of life is small enough to manage comfortably. South Burlington
A once great state that has has built an obscene bureaucracy to resist inevitable change to the point of absurdity. Warren Gore
A place with rich heritage and beauty. a place where the typical strifes that commonly found in other states, are much milder here. Essex junction
This is my home. A place that is safe, honest, full of integrity in business, and where things get done. South Burlington
Vermont is a small, safe, beautiful state with a strong sense of community. Vermonters are proud to be independent and to swim against many of the mainstream currents of American society and politics. I often think of Vermont as a green island of sanity in an increasingly crazy world. Burlington
Vermont is my home. This is where I was born and raised. I feel protective of Vermont and want it to retain the look, feel, and the values that make it special. Proctor
homeland; standing on the shoulders of all those who came before me; being rooted in politics&traditions back to 16th century; one is judged&appreciated for what s/he does-for self, family, neighbors-& contributes-to community-not by $ or what's prestigeous elsewhere; appreciation of other cultures even in smallest towns. Burlington
It means a quiet environment of acceptance and strength. Majestic beauty blended with cold (25 degrees?!?!) reality. The environment and people working together, almost Utopia (except that we're all broke and can't afford healthcare). Ripton
a place where people care about their neighbors, other species, and the land itself–here and world-wide; a place where people can lead a more natural, simple, healthful, and sustainable lifestyle; a place where people can lead a less material consumptive lifestyle with less exposure to environmental and social poisons… Cabot
Safety, happiness, natural beauty, freedom. N. Ferrisburgh
Coming from the midwest, I enjoy the "identity" Vermont stands for world-wide, whether it is the view of wholesome milk & ice cream in wonderful mountains, or being a leader in education and a preserver of town government. Barre
I experience Vermont as a thoughtful state that is invested in governing with common sense and preserving the natural environment. It is also sometimes slightly isolated from and out of step with the larger country. I am proud of civil unions but ready for gay marriage. Cornwall
Vermont means a beautiful state with open minded forward thinking just people. Rutland
Vermont means community. Vermont means neighbors helping neighbors. I value my privacy but am always willing to help someone in need. Clarendon
Vermont is a beautiful place where people are free and equal. Rochester
Vermont means a unique place to live, a community of neighbors, people, who value each other and the talents each of us have to bring to our communities balanced with a love to maintain the land. Cabot
Life westminster
It's a pretty state with a nice simple life if only I could get a job paying more than 8 dollars an hour. Hartford
Independence Addison
A beautiful place with a comfortable way of life. Less conspicuous consumption and more appreciation of what we have. Vermont means home to me. It is not my state of birth; it is the state I gratefully adopted and love contributing to. Rutland
Vermont is truly a state of mind — a collective mind that believes in freedom, community, inventiveness, courage and hope. Westford
A peaceful life, an appreciation of four seasons, a style of government where individuals can be heard, a great place to raise children. Brandon
Great quality of life…great community spirit… brandon
A place that is concerned about the environment and where I can live with my partner in the hope of someday soon being able to MARRY. S. Burlington
I came to Vermont to earn my living connected to the woods. I have seen my neighborhood swamped by people who are opposed to almost every element of earning a living from our woodlands. I no longer know what Vermont means. eden
Rugged, independent, beautiful, progressive, democratic,creative, innovative, resourceful, but politically dysfunctional Newport City
"Vermont's State/Local Tax Burden Highest in the Nation During the past three decades Vermont's state and local tax burden has consistently ranked among the nation's highest. Estimated at 14.1% of income, Vermont’s state and local taxes are currently the highest in the nation, well above the national average of 11.0%."(http://www.taxfoundation.org/research/topic/62.html) burlington
Vermont means HOME to me. I was born and raised here, and I'm fiercely proud of our state for so many reasons. Vermont and Vermonters have such a tradition of independent thinking and open-mindedness. Vermont means small town warmth at its best. Brattleboro
Vermont is a relatively safe place to be and it is beautiful. I could not move because I've gotten used to having most of the same civil rights as everyone else and it would be extremely difficult to give that up. Winooski
Vermont means ancient rolling hill, waving hay, judging the seasons by the shape of the cornfields, the occassional whiff of dairy-cow, fishing, hiking, friends and family. Pawlet
"A faux 19th century agricultural theme park for wealthy strangers." Martin Harris Weybridge
Vermont has become a state where most of the politically active population envy wealth and spend their time trying to arrange to get a piece of what they didn't earn. Isle La Motte
An independant way of life, with an opportunity, to live life to it's fullest. Winooski
A state with a unique personality, apparent as soon as the border is crossed. My home; shared with everyone else connected to Vermont. Johnson
A state of great natural beauty, rich heritage, and ideals of both tolerance and community spirit that are sometimes in conflict. Huge potential for developing solutions that could be replicated elsewhere. Small enough that each person matters. Big ideas. Fairfield
A New England state that offered varied seasons with wonderful, local characters to entertain us all while remaining self supporting individuals. Today it means, high taxes, too much government, poor education, social services that are out of control run by people who moved here to have the old Vermont and changed it. Bradford
Historic downtowns & village centers as centers of business; locally grown products; quality public schools; clean mountains, fields, lakes,& rivers; open & green space free of billboards; limited strip mall development & sprawl; snow Montpelier
a place where rural livelihoods are still possible, having space to do my own thing without a lot of people around, a variety of wild animals and plants, a place where nature still has some breathing room, a community of people who care about the land, proud of our stance on gay rights Wolcott
The way of life, quiet and content! A great place for children to be raised and values to be instilled. Franklin
Vermont ~ beautiful to the eye, peaceful to the soul, once a farming state, a place to raise families, hard working men & women dedicated to the love of Vermont, willing to fight for it. Now, most of that is lost by outsiders coming in and bringing what they supposively wanted to leave behind. Too much gov't control, yankee pride has been stripped away Headed toward socialism. Hyde Park
Vermont means community. A place where people come together to support one another by growing and purchasing fresh, local food and other products. Vermonters also share an open voice for positive change within the State & the country. The State is like no other, and I'm proud to live here. South Burlington
A place where people have political agency and an corrupted place to live. Burlington
I was born here and appreciate the high quality of life, four seasons, and wonderful geography. Unfortunately the state has been taken over politically by trust fund utopian minded fiscal liberals who have created a socialist state. The upper middle class is being driven out of the state by high taxes. Richmond
Vermont has been my home for 75+ years. It is a beautiful rural state. Bennington
Vermont is a place where people respect and enjoy each other, let people live as they choose, and are helpful with those who have few choices. We are mostly a modest, reasonable group of people with opinions and are more positive about our State than most Americans. We think Vermont has character and we want it to stay that way. North Bennington
A welcome step back from the rest of our country gone mad. Marlboro
Home, family, hard work, great friends, landscape and environment connected to people directly (like firewood and gardens), etc Montpelier
Vermont is a place full of beauty and charm, but also realities of life, hard work and poverty. It suffers from all the ills that other places do, but there's a working knowledge of those hardships, in many cases. Montpelier
Home. Hills trees water family and community. Strong honest congressional delegation. ST Johnsbury