VCRD is often called on to provide organizational consultation and resource referral both at the community and agency level. Listed below are a sample of the organizational supports VCRD has provided to Vermont communities, agencies and organizations in the last few years.

  • Vermont Higher Education Food Systems Consortium, 2014
  • Consultation on policy development toward the Transformation of K-12 Education, 2008
  • Facilitation of working team for Home Weatherization Education Program, 2008
  • Mediation between Compost businesses and regulators for Vermont Composters Assn., 2008
  • Vermont Compost Association Facilitation toward new goals-based regulation, 2008
  • Moderation of the Vermont Environmental Consortium Conference on Environmental Education, 2007
  • Organizational facilitation for the Commission on the Future of Economic Development, 2007
  • SWOT Analysis for Vermont Dairy Task Force, 2007
  • Funding, 2000–2001
  • Waterbury Town/Village Merger Discussions, 2006
  • Facilitation of the House Rural Summit for the Legislature in 2006
  • Champlain Valley Exposition Strategic Planning, 2005, 2007
  • Community Planning Facilitation with the town of Burke in advance of Ginn development on Burke Mountain, 2006
  • Farm Service Agency Staff Planning Facilitation, 2005
  • Home Heating Partnership Facilitation and production of the Vermont Home Heating Guide, 2001
  • Mediating facilitation between USDA RD, the Agency of Natural Resources, and Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs on Water and Waste-Water.

VCRD staff also serve on or moderate innumerable panel discussions and conference workshops on issues of vital rural concern.