Initiatives in Vergennes were spearheaded by the Vergennes Partnership, Bixby Library, city government, and other individuals and organizations.  In just over a year, this team succeeded in bringing the following accomplishments to the Vergennes area:

  • A mesh network that provides free Internet access throughout a downtown district that includes the Main, School, Green, and East Street blocks and directs web traffic to community resources by using as a landing page for all network users;
  • Fifty netbook packages for Addison Central School – along with weekly training for students and teachers – to ensure that every student in grades 4, 5, and 6 receives a 21st century education;
  • New equipment and an Internet Intern from Vermont State Colleges at Bixby Library to help community members and visitors access the Internet, find social services and jobs, and connect to research and educational opportunities;
  • Read about many other accomplishments in the Vergennes Re-Cap (pdf).

To learn more about e-Vermont in Vergennes, please contact:

Tara Brooks
Vergennes e-Vermont Steering Committee
[email protected]

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