e-Vermont Initiatives in Sunderland-Arlington-Sandgate (SAS) were spearheaded by a small but very productive team representing town government, local businesses, the public library, schools, and citizens. In one short year, this team succeeded in bringing the following accomplishments to SAS:

  • Snelling Center for Government assistance for development of Sunderland’s and Sandgate’s official town websites;
  • Ten laptop computers and accessories to support the creation of a community e-Training Center at Martha Canfield Library;
  • Hardware and software to support Martha Canfield Library / Russell Collection digital history projects;
  • Read about many other accomplishments in Sunderland-Arlington-Sandgate in the SAS Re-cap (pdf).

For more information about e-Vermont activities in Sunderland-Arlington-Sandgate, contact:

Gordon Woodrow
Sunderland/Arlington/Sandgate Broadband Committee
[email protected]

e-Vermont Stories from SAS