Initiatives in Richford were spearheaded by the Richford Economic Advancement Corporation (REAC) in conjunction with the Arvin A. Brown Library, NOTCH, town government, Richford Elementary School, Richford High School, and other organizations.  In just over a year, this team succeeded in bringing the following accomplishments to Richford:

  • Fifty netbook packages – along with weekly training for students and teachers – to ensure that every student in grade 5 receives a 21st century education;
  • One iPad and three desktops at the Arvin A. Brown Library to help more community members and visitors access the Internet, find social services and jobs, and connect to research and educational opportunities;
  • Peer-to-peer web development assistance which resulted in new and updated websites for NOTCH, Richford Country Club, and Green Heron Farm;
  • Read about many other accomplishments in the Richford Re-Cap (pdf).

For more information about e-Vermont in Richford, contact:

Darlene Gregoire
Richford e-Vermont Steering Committee 
[email protected]

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