e-Vermont initiatives in Pownal were spearheaded by a team representing Pownal’s school, library, businesses, government and interested citizens.  In one short year, the team succeeded in bringing the following accomplishments to Pownal:

  • Development (still in progress) of Pownal’s first municipal government website;
  • Seventy-eight netbook packages to ensure that every Pownal Elementary School student in grades 4-6 receives a 21st century  education;
  • A free Front Porch Forum community e-newsletter that 141 subscribers used more than 432 times to buy and trade household goods, promote local events, recommend local businesses and much more; and
  • Read about many other accomplishments in the Pownal Re-Cap (pdf).

For more information about e-Vermont activities in Pownal, contact:

Jim Boutin
Pownal Broadband Committee
[email protected]

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