Initiatives in Moretown were spearheaded by Moretown Elementary School, Moretown Memorial Library, town government, and other organizations and individuals.  In just over a year, this team succeeded in bringing the following accomplishments to Moretown:

  • A new municipal website and a new part-time position of web manager to keep the site updated and cutting-edge;
  • A free online community forum at that 441 subscribers in Moretown (out of 700 households in town) continue to use to organize Tropical Storm Irene recovery efforts, buy and trade household items, promote local events and volunteer needs, share wildlife sightings, and recommend local businesses;
  • Three workshops on the topics of Basic Internet Skills, Social Media and Communication Tools for Beginners, and Free Stuff on the Internet conducted by Vermont State Colleges at Moretown Elementary School and attended by a total of 33 Moretown residents;
  • Fifty netbook packages – along with weekly training for students and teachers – to ensure that every student in grades 4, 5, and 6 receives a 21st century education;
  • Read about many other accomplishments in the Moretown Re-Cap (pdf).

To learn more about e-Vermont in Moretown, please contact:

Dara Torre
Moretown Connects Committee
[email protected]

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