The municipal website collaboration and creation project was run by the Snelling Center for Government. The mission of the Snelling Center is to foster responsible and ethical civic leadership, encourage public service by private citizens, and promote informed citizen participation in shaping public policy in Vermont.

The Snelling Center provided assistance to towns on best practices, templates for town websites and a variety of other resources. Through the Digital Economy Project, and before that the e-Vermont program, the Snelling Center for Government worked with 49 towns to upgrade and build websites. With town partners, we sought to enable a strong digital presence that will contribute to regional economic growth and build resilience in times of disasters through:

  • Integrating online Tools for Disaster Preparedness/Response/Recovery
  • Initiating Community Engagement to advise on best way to serve community through town website
  • Capacity Building to promote sustainable websites practices
  • Promoting Economic Development through municipal website

Towns with websites built through the Digital Economy Project:

The e-Vermont project helped to build these websites: