Working with the Vermont Small Business Development Center we helped small businesses become more digitally active through workshops and one on one advising.


Types of Workshops We Offered:

Cloud Computing
An interactive training session that introduced participants to various cloud computing tools and how these tools can be used to bolster your online presence, protect sensitive documents and increase office efficiency. Participants were introduced to online back-up tools and shown how these tools function. Participants were also informed of potential costs associated with such tools, as well as disaster preparedness measures that cloud computing can provide.

Mobile Marketing & Understanding Apps
An interactive training session where participants were introduced to the future of broadband technology. Mobile computing and applications were at the forefront of the ever-changing digital world. Participants were provided with an understanding of this new media and how it could be leveraged to bolster their business and employee skills. Participants were provided basic instruction and potential costs of app development, as well as introduced to emerging mobile technologies (mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc.). Participants were also provided with guidance and instruction in how these technologies function.

Getting Your Business Online
An interactive training and information seminar where businesses owners looking to establish a website were prepared for the website development process. Business owners were informed of potential costs, benefits, expectations and processes involved with establishing an online presence. They were taken through the design process and given exercises on how to speed up the development process, as well as to assist them in establishing how they want their website to function and appear.

Social Media Marketing
An interactive training session on how to establish a social media presence for your business and how to best use social media to accomplish your business goals. Participants were introduced to various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, Reddit, Etc.) and provided instruction on strategies to use these online tools for marketing. Businesses were also shown ways to track social media successes online.

Advanced Social Media
An interactive training session on how to expand and manage your social media presence for your business. Participants were introduced to various social media outlets and management tools (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Hootsuite, etc.). Participants were shown how to use and understand recently released Facebook features, as well as more in-depth analysis of secondary and tertiary social media outlets like Twitter and Youtube. Businesses were shown ways to track social media successes online. Participants were introduced to social media management tools like Hootsuite.

Google Tools For Small Business
Interactive training on how Google products can be used to bolster your business. Attendees were introduced to various free online tools that can make your business smarter and potentially save time and money, as well as generate leads, revenue and increased office efficiency. Google products discussed included: Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Etc.), Google Analytics, Alerts, Web Developer, Places, Webmaster tools and more.