Nearly 18,000 Vermonters work in fields related to energy efficiency and renewable energy, which is over 4% of Vermont’s workforce. These jobs include electricians installing solar panels, carpenters and technicians insulating homes, and plumbers improving heating systems.

Nunez Electric & Solar, a renewable energy company located in Swanton, VT, is one electrical company that is stepping up to meet the increasing demand for renewables and has become a statewide leader in full service solar design, installation, and equipment services for homes, businesses, municipal buildings and nonprofits. The company collaborates with AllEarth Renewables as a certified dealer and installer of All Earth Solar Trackers; a dual-axis active tracker which uses GPS to ensure that solar panels always follow the sun, producing the maximum amount of electricity possible.

Julian Nunez, owner and master electrician, says, “The benefits to going solar are numerous including reducing carbon footprint, saving money on electric bills, building a green lifestyle, and reducing fossil fuel usage – we are committed to bringing these benefits to our customers, within their needs and budget, with the highest standard of quality and service, professionalism and integrity. We believe in being part of the solution to help solve the world’s energy problem.”

As more Vermonters decide to go solar to power their businesses and homes, local electricians like Julian Nunez are finding business opportunities in working to make that vision a reality and moving Vermont towards a prosperous low carbon future!

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