Vermont’s Inc. (NRI) builds custom energy storage solutions to fit any application. As a result, the Waitsfield based company is making it possible to have reliable electricity available anywhere in the world. NRI’s sophisticated set of system controls also allows power to be stored when generation is abundant and consumed when the demand and costs are high.

With over 30 years of experience in energy storage, the company is transitioning into one of its current niches: microgrids. These are systems which generate their own power and can be cut from the grid when necessary. By storing this energy, microgrid users can keep the lights on and increase their efficiency without any reliance on fossil fuels. Users can also generate income by selling renewable energy back to the grid when it’s not needed locally.

NRI recently helped Naushon Island (off the coast of Massachusetts) reduce their fossil fuel costs by approximately 80% by installing a solar generated energy storage system. With a ten year payback, the island’s decision for a smart microgrid was an attractive way to cut down costs, alleviate the large need for fossil fuel generation and provide a clean energy source. Without storage, solar electricity would have ceased once the sun went down.

As more renewable energy generation hits the grid, the need for Distributed Energy Storage will increase” says Jay Bellows, NRI’s CEO. “Ultimately this helps everyone involved, from the utility down to the end user. In the end, our storage solves many problems, from disaster recovery all the way to potentially cutting electricity costs for everyone.