New Frameworks is a natural design and construction firm with a central mission to help lead the transformation of our state and region into a climate-adaptive, sustainable place. New Frameworks designs, builds, and renovates homes and small commercial projects that connect with place and help lower our carbon footprint. They focus on using biogenic materials, like straw and wood, which pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and “fix” it, lowering the negative impacts on our climate and working in partnership with plants.

The small company is employee owned and has been awarded Efficiency Vermont’s Best of the Best Award for the third year running. The passionate team of builders recently completed an addition in Marshfield, Vermont that doubled the square footage of the home but kept the energy use the same!

The building trades overall contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, and other negative social impacts such as toxicity and unsustainable resource extraction,” Says Ace McArleton, New Frameworks Managing Partner, “we see a different way: one where people and our buildings can thrive in positive interrelationship with nature, and where nature is enriched and improved by our designs.

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