Middlebury was the second community to participate in VCRD's Climate Economy Model Community Program (CEMCP). CEMCP is community-driven process with local leaders, VCRD, Green Mountain Power, and Efficiency Vermont to cultivate economic development, innovation, and affordability in the face of climate change. Read the Greater Middlebury Report and Action Plan. Through the process, community members identified 4 priority areas for future action:

  • Advance public transportation, facilitate more ridesharing, and make Middlebury and surrounding towns the best possible place for biking and walking
  • Increase staff capacity at the local and regional level to coordinate climate change and energy related actions
  • Help farmers transition to organic and regenerative practices
  • Advance Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Opportunities for Homes, Businesses and Other Buildings

VCRD will continue to provide support to the Task Force Groups in the Greater Middlebury area as they work to implement these 4 action ideas. Visit http://vtrural.org/town/middlebury for stories and news about our work there.