Residents of the Concord community are encouraged to review the newly released Let’s Grow Concord Action Report for a recap on the recent Community Visit process. This report includes details on the new task forces, the contact information of local leaders, and collected resources to help move the community-determined priorities forward.

Throughout the summer and fall, the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD) facilitated a 3-month series of public meetings to bring Concord community members together, identify key priorities for the future, and connect to local resources. After a series of community discussions, residents chose to create task forces to attract businesses and industry to Concord, bring back a store, and clean up and improve Miles Pond Beach. At the final meeting on September 14, residents joined task forces and came together to start framing action plans and working with a resource team of federal, state, business, and nonprofit leaders to identify the next steps toward success.

“We feel fortunate to have had the chance to work in such a great community,” said VCRD Executive Director Brian Lowe. “Concord is a town with great people and great potential, and we are looking forward to supporting the task forces that have rallied together to support the community’s priorities. If you live in Concord, take a look at the report and consider supporting your neighbors on one of the task forces.”

Residents interested in learning more and getting involved are encouraged to review the Let’s Grow Concord Action Report and reach out to task force chairs.

Hard copies are available at the town clerk’s office, and an online version of the report can be found online.

Let’s Grow Concord is funded with support from the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Northern Borders Regional Commission, the Vermont Community Foundation, and VCRD members and donors.

For more information, visit or contact VCRD at 802-223-6091 or [email protected].