In democracy, all citizens are called upon to lead. Where leaders step up, towns achieve great things. Motivated by a wonderful and binding patriotism of place, local leaders in all their diversity throughout Vermont are constructing a future, building momentum, and making democracy real. Today as much as any time in our recent history, Vermonters are working together to respond to crisis, and to rebuild the foundations of our communities and our state for a resilient future.

The Community Leadership in Action Guide is designed as a starting point with tips and strategies to help new, emerging, and veteran leaders frame local issues and move community and economic development projects forward. The first section – Tools for Community Leaders – includes tips to support leaders in bringing people together, running effective and efficient meetings, communicating with the public, dealing with conflict, welcoming diversity, setting action priorities, and strengthening other key skills. The second section – Advancing Community Projects – shares action step ideas on specific topics drawn from 20 years of VCRD Community Visits, along with recommendations from Vermont resource providers and community and economic development experts to support the work. The guide concludes with a list of resources and opportunities to build skills in leadership.

Nobody knows better the intricacies and particular issues facing a community than its residents, and we encourage local folks to grab the reins and use this tool as it is useful!

If you’d like a printed copy, please email us at [email protected] or Join the Network!