Nathaniel Vandal is the co-founder of Green Peak Solar, a Waitsfield, Vermont-based company focusing on developing large-scale solar energy systems for utilities, towns, school districts, and businesses in the Green Mountain State. Founded in 2012, Green Peak is committed to finding the lowest cost for generating solar in Vermont and is demonstrating its success through the Standard Offer Program as well as working with utilities in the state.

After graduating from Middlebury College, Nathaniel moved to Seattle to work for Ridgeline Energy. While there, he helped to support the development, construction and financing of over 400 MW of wind in the Pacific Northwest. Nathaniel returned to Vermont in 2011 and shortly thereafter he and business partner Chris Cadwell formed Green Peak Solar in response to the State’s expansion of the Standard Offer Program.

“The Green Peak story really highlights the success of Vermont’s renewable energy policies,” says Vandal. “We are one of many local small development companies that were started to help the State meet its ambitious renewable energy targets. As a native Vermonter, I am really proud of the State’s commitment to renewable energy and I feel so fortunate to be able work in my home state in a field that I am very passionate about.”

Currently, Green Peak is working with Williamstown High School on a 150 KW project, the Town of Springfield on a 500 KW installation, and a 2.2 MW project in New Haven for power that will be sold to the State under the Standard Offer Program.